August 5, 2011

Cool Stuff I Like

Hello friends! I decided to begin a new feature every Friday where I share any cool stuff that has crossed my radar that I think should maybe also cross yours! What do you think, fun? I’ll also list my Cool Book Pick of the week!

- Cool thing #1: Julia’s Bookbag has a brand new Facebook page -- Come see us! (And ‘like’ us!)

- My lovely new friend Michelle from the adorable site If Toys Could Talk told me about the Most Awesome Thing ever – If your kids like audio books, you must check this out. Michelle said:
“There's a great site called Mouse Vinyl ( that boasts a huge catalog of old Disney See-Hear-Read style stories. All you have to do is browse the catalog, click on the link and you can listen to one of the old stories. My kids love listening to them - we don't even bother with the scanned pictures.”
(Michelle also has a second blog called Little Peanut -- She’s a busy lady!)

- Need a basic recipe for playdough because you lost your recipe like I did? Here you go.

- Want to see the cutest craft I’ve seen in awhile?

- My favorite online shop for cool kid stuff is NOT closing!

- These tents just made my week. So awesome.

- Cool Book of the Week: If Rocks Could Sing via Ohdeedoh.

Have a great, great weekend!



  1. You are TOO sweet! Thank you so much for mentioning my blog. I've enjoyed getting to know you since I started following your blog and I'm so glad you enjoy the book site! :D Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. All those sentiments back at you Miss M!!! :)~Melissa

  3. Love that picture of the water! Have a great weekend! xo

  4. Thank you Katie! Thanks so much for stopping by to see us! ~Melissa