August 12, 2011

Cool Stuff I Like

Hello to friends I know and friends I don’t know! I hope you all had a decent-ish week and that you’ll all have an AMAZING weekend! In addition to this crazy shot I took of Julia this week, here’s some other things I’m loving:

- Saw this picture via the loooovely blog, Melissa Loves. Breathtaking!

- Cool Book of the Week: Who Wants to be a Poodle? (I Don’t) by Lauren Child. Julia is very into poodles right now. ( ? )

- I must make Vanilla Summer Cake before summer ends. (via The Marion House Book)

- The most fabulous birthday craft ever. I wonder if I could make this.

- Wow! What an amazing pirate party!

- Is anyone else freaking out about this? I am freaking out about this.

-More cool playdough, sparkling galaxy style. (via Pinterest and Fairydust Teaching blog)

Is it still Summer? Yes? Hurray!



  1. Your blog gets better and better by the day! Such a treat! Thank you for joining the blog party yesterday!

  2. Thanks sweet Ana! And thanks for providing that amazing birthday tree tutorial, it was SO amazing :) ~Melissa

  3. Cool stuff we like #1: Julia
    Cool stuff we like #2: your blog!