August 19, 2011

Cool Stuff I Like

Ok Friends, we have something Very Important to Discuss. This dessert.

I came across this treat this week over at one of my favorite sites, My Favorite and My Best. (Which is the funniest décor site in the known universe – I have literally fallen off my chair with tears of laughter streaming down my face while unable to breathe. Also, the interior design ideas and photos curated and featured on this site blows everything else out of the water, in my opinion.)

The whole of my existence can now be divided into two parts – My Life Before I Saw This Treat and My Life After I Saw This Treat. You can find the recipe over at the site Kevin & Amanda. (I think they must be wizards. Magic of some kind was involved here, I’m very sure.)

And to finish off our Cooking Week, here’s some cookbook-ish stuff I like:

- This cookbook is my favorite all round family cookbook. It has EVERYTHING -- food, stories, conversation games, ideas for nurturing the family dinner, projects. . . I loooove this book.

- My favorite cookbook for babies and toddlers! Seriously yummy recipes.

- My favorite cookbook based on a literary character. Ditto on the seriously yummy recipes comment above. (Buy it used!)

- Dinner, A Love Story is my favorite online food-for-the-family site. REALLY great recipes going on here, very witty writing, AND really cool and interesting kid books discussed from time to time!

- Cookbook for kids that I don’t have but want to get.

Have a lovely weekend! Cook something wonderful and come back and see us next week -


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