August 30, 2011

Patrick, A Teddy Bear's Picnic

A Liberty-print shirt paired with a citrus laden hat? On me that would look crazy, on the kiddo it looks crazy fabulous, don’t you think? Why can’t grown-ups get away with this kind of thing?

I’ve got a few more highlights from our trip to a local lake to share, along with an Incredibly Darling Book. My kiddo has taken to carrying it around with her wherever she goes!

I can’t accept that summer is on its way OUT. I’ve seen a few leaves changing color in my yard. Summer just got here for us! I’ll have to console myself by looking over our vacation pix. . . note that the citrus hat stays firmly on the child's head pretty much the entire time, she loves her hat. I’ve successfully passed on the Wear A Crazy Hat at All Times gene.

Found a great bookstore near the lake area where we were! Whoever stocks it has great book taste, I always find cool and unusual stories when I go. I walked in and saw ‘Patrick in A Teddy Bear's Picnic and Other Stories’, by Geoffrey Hayes. It’s been on my radar for ages and I pounced/snatched/grabbed it the second I saw it.

This is a lilting summer breeze of a book, written in a comic book style. The sweetness of the story and the world depicted reminds me of the vibe in ‘Little Fur Family’. I know I throw around the words “delightful” and “charming” around a lot, but let me tell you – you’ll be hard pressed to find a more delightful and charming book anywhere.

Patrick goes about doing Small But Important Things – planning a picnic with his Mama, buying cookies from the store, squirming his way out of napping, and both avoiding and standing up to the neighborhood mean kid. And he does it all with an exuberant bounce that jumps off the page.

My daughter has rarely taken to a book the way she has with this one. She adores Patrick! And, the vocabulary is just at the right level for her as she is beginning to read.

Do your kids have a Most Favorite Book that they just can’t put down?


  1. Julia looks so cute in that hat and top! You're right - kids will look adorable in any color or fabric combination they choose.

    As to our favorite books, my daughter is wearing out our copy of the Beatrix Potter collection. She reads those stories every day... in the car, with me before nap and bedtime, and throughout the day. My little guy's favorites include Puff 'n Toot, Frankie the Fireman and Green Eggs and Ham. Basically, anything that includes a train! :)

  2. It's unfair isn't it? I want to wear mismatched prints too! :) Oh that makes me so happy that your daughter is loving Beatrix so much, that's sooo great! And how cute about the trains! Has he ever read 'The Little Red Caboose'?