July 31, 2011

A Hello Kitty Birthday Party

When I saw recent photos from my cousin’s Hello Kitty themed party for her daughter’s fourth birthday, I seriously got a little dizzy. And SUPER HAPPY! And then I felt Very Sorry for Myself, I mean Julia, that we live so far away we were unable to attend an event that reached such levels of Pure Fantastic...

Before we get into further party details, I must share a fun story with you. Claire is one of my favorite cousins, but she lives in Louisiana and we rarely get chances to visit. Although she’s a few years younger than I am, I’ve always looked up to her – she’s so lovely, inside and out. She’s the type who, if you admire something she has, she’ll give it to you. Grace, sweetness, kindness, strength – these are all words I associate with Claire.

Family tradition is important to me and when Julia was born, I wanted her to have a name that found its roots from within family. On my side of the family tree, we have a Claire (my cousin), a Mary Claire (another cousin), a Clara (my grandmother), a Julia Claire (my daughter) and one more addition to the Pile O’ Claires – we have little Lucy Claire (my cousin Claire’s daughter, the birthday girl!). Got that?

Here’s both Mama Claire and her daughter Lucy Claire:

I had to know EVERYTHING about this Hello Kitty extravaganza, so I immediately got to quizzing my cousin:

So Miss Claire, who do I get to congratulate for having the FANTASTIC notion of having a Hello Kitty party? You or Lucy Claire? (We love Hello Kitty just a wee, teensy bit.)
“This is the second year in a row I have left the theme up to the birthday girl. Last year the three year old party was a Dora themed fiesta. This year, Hello Kitty was a particularly fun theme to work with. I was excited when Lucy Claire suggested it!”

What was Lucy Claire's favorite part of the party? And what about you, did you have a favorite moment?
“Lucy Claire was intent on having a Hello Kitty piñata. She was old enough to help me put the candy inside... She loved that part of the party.

My favorite moment was seeing her reaction to all the decorations after Kristen (Kristen Cascio's Extraordinary Events) set it all up. She was at her grandparents’ house during the party prep. Her joyful face made all the work more than worth it!”
At this point, I have to mention another cousin – Claire’s husband Ty has the most talented event-planning cousin! Her name is Kristen Cascio and after seeing what she threw together here at short notice, can you imagine the heights of genius she could create with more time?

Kristen explained how her passion for party planning became a business.
“I thought about a career in event planning after having so much fun planning my own wedding; however, I put the idea on hold. It wasn't until months and months of planning my daughter's first birthday, that I realized how much I enjoyed planning extraordinary events down to every last detail.”
Kristen also shared how her friends and family recognized the creativity that went into her daughter's party and at their urging, she finally opened Kristen Cascio Extraordinary Events.

Just look at the pictures below! You can see why Kristen’s work is considered notable for her exquisite attention to detail.

(Those peonies in the vases? J’adore.)

Claire, I understand this party came together very quickly. That's a lot of awesome on such short notice! Any advice for planning last minute parties?
“It did come together very quickly. That is largely due to Kristen's guidance and assistance. We are fortunate to have some great party stores in Baton Rouge and they had plenty of Hello Kitty supplies which is where we started. That helped to determine the party colors, etc.”

I can’t tell you how sad we are to have missed this amazing affair -- Let's have another Hello Kitty party when we come out to Louisiana to visit!!
“Lucy Claire would be more than thrilled to do it again! We have plenty of leftover Hello Kitty tattoos and sunglasses to share with Julia.”

Here’s the cool part – Kristen is happy to assist in planning and to give advice for your next soiree, party or gathering no matter where you live, via email and phone! If you’re looking for party nirvana, you can find more information at www.kristencascio.com and also at

And big thanks to Claire for sharing such a lovely party with us!

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  1. I am in LOVE with the peonies in the lidded vases...I may just have to run to the craft store and recreate that for our party tomorrow afternoon!! Seriously, amazing. AND I am totally stealing the fruit-in-a-waffle-bowl idea. I have them in the pantry and have been at a loss for 3pm fun snack ideas. Love, love, love. THANKS for the inspiration!

  2. Hi Katie -- So happy you stopped by! I agree with you 100% on those peonies-in-vases -- I am going to recreate this idea somewhere, someday SOON! And ditto on the fruit in waffle bowls. Such a simple idea and yet bam! Fruit just became fun! :) I knew when I saw my cousin's party that it was too great not to share.... ~Melissa

  3. Oh my I so so love Hello Kitty because she's a cat and she's a theme of PINK! <3 I am so fond of this character that makes me compile stuffs of her like wallpapers and just lately I started a collection of Hello Kitty Birthday Party ideas . I am just so happy I could pick some from your site. Credits will be added dear!
    God bless!