August 8, 2011

On The Floor

I’m always happier when things are neatly put away, but with children around, there’s no getting around their Child Stuff. Which I’m fine with 99% of the time, and Julia is finally getting to an age where she can actually put something away, as opposed to picking up one thing and then announcing, ‘Look how well I cleaned up!’

But it struck me as funny one day recently, when I looked around and noticed that every surface in the house had Julia stuff on it. Every surface! Everywhere. And of course there was stuff all over the floor as well. And I thought, the first book I see on the floor is the one I’m talking about today. . . .

‘My Granny Went to Market’ was the book I saw on the floor first. Which didn’t bummer me out because it’s one of my favorite books to read to Julia! My mom-in-law gave it to us and it’s such great fun, and written by Stella Blackstone, whom I adore. I’ve yet to read a book of hers that wasn’t awesome and amazingly illustrated.

The granny in the book is some world traveler, let me tell you! And each place she visits, she picks up a fascinating piece of cultural memorabilia and stores it on her magical flying carpet. The art in this story strikes me as very folk arty, with its vivid and colorfully rustic renderings of Granny’s adventures.

So even though my daughter probably thinks her mother has a third appendage in the form of a dust buster, sometimes I do recognize that in mess, there can still be beauty. And that one can find interesting things on the floor.

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