August 24, 2011

Pack My Lunch

Did you know that school is right around the corner? Are you freaking out like me? My baby is going to Kindergarten and I am in a general state of freak out. So let’s look at some lunch bags! Sounds epic, no?

I’m VERY obsessed with lunchboxes. When I was a kidlet, getting a new lunchbox was the highlight of my year. Well, that and getting a new pencil case. Tight race between those two items in terms of making my 8 year old self tremble with excitedness!

I was very charmed when I saw this lunch bag above, last year at Julia’s preschool. It’s from a really cute company called Dabba Walla. You can find this ‘Apple of My Eye’ lunch bag here. And I love this cupcake version:

‘Sweetcakes’ Kids Lunch Bag, $30.

You knew this would be here:

Hello Kitty ‘Polka Dots’ Insulated Lunchbox, $13.95.

Any fans of the story ‘The Gruffalo’ ? How cool is this?

Gruffalo Lunchbox, available from Bodie and Fou.

More literary lunchbox cool, this time from Eric CarleThe Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear:

Belle and Boo is the cutest company with the cutest name with the cutest art. CUTEST.

‘Ava’s Tea Party Lunch Box’, via Belle and Boo’s Etsy shop. Do you hear me Belle & Boo? I LOVE YOU. Yes, I am also this weird in person as well.

This lunchbox is less cute. But apparently ‘Star Wars’ is still, like, a thing. So here you go:

Star Wars ‘Darth Vader’ Insulated Lunch Box, $13.95.

Have you noticed that cheetah print stuff is everywhere? Julia has and she loves it. She wants to be a cheetah for Halloween!

Leopard Cub Lunch Bag, $20.

Come visit us tomorrow because we’re going to talk about what to put IN a lunchbox! So, is anyone else out there like me? Totally and irrationally obsessed with lunchboxes? Or with Belle and Boo? CUTEST STUFF EVER.


  1. Ooooh, I love lunch boxes and pencil cases! You must be my long lost twin, because I have very fond memories of getting a new pencil case and lunch box every year. I still remember a yellow Cabbage Patch Kids lunch box one year (complete with thermos, of course!). I haven't had much reason to look at school stuff before, but now that my daughter is in preschool I can't help but see all those lovely school supplies when cruising through Target. How cool that kids still seem to love things like pencil cases - some things never change!

  2. I had a Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox one year and I thought it was The Coolest Thing Ever. I had/have a huge school supplies addiction!! ~Melissa

  3. I am obsessed with the fairytale lunch box and the tea party one............and I don't even need a lunchbox.....

  4. I know right??? I want that tea party one and I would put art supplies or something in it. I've seen the Fairytale lunchbox in a shop and it's even cuter in person! :) ~Melissa