August 31, 2011

Summertime Chickens

I’ll explain that, I promise. But first, more from our attempts to hunt down summer during our trip to the lake, where we tried to swim, splash and sunscreen the water into submission. (Not that it was acting up in the first place, mind you. It’s a nice lake.)

There’s nothing quite like finding your own little log. Can you believe how clear the water is?

More self portraiture. I think we’re getting quite good at it! I managed to get both our heads in the frame. That nugget eluded me for a very long time.

So I found one other book besides ‘Patrick’, that I couldn’t leave behind in the store. It’s about a Very Special Chicken. The bulk of our books come from the library and we have so many in our collection already, so I try to refrain from buying more books to live with us unless they are really unique. This one is.

I just adore the message set out in ‘Henrietta and the Golden Eggs’, which is humorously told without being preachy.

It’s about following your dream. (Even if that dream seems impossible for a chicken, like flying, singing and laying golden eggs.) It’s about ignoring the haters. It’s about refusing to give up, even if life is lived in a crowded chicken farm of “Three thousand three hundred and thirty-three chickens.” And it’s about how one individual can really make a positive difference in the lives of others. Spoiler alert: Hurray for free-range chicken farming!

This book is way cool my friends, both the story and the black and white illustrations. I want to turn my backyard into a free-range chicken run now. I wonder what the Sally Sparkles and Rosebud would think about that?

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