August 16, 2011

Tiny Tot Tuesday: In The Night Kitchen

‘In The Night Kitchen’ by Maurice Sendak is one wild, weird, trippy ride. You need to get on this ride, if you haven’t already. You need to push on further beyond ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. You need to get into Sendak’s entire vibe, because let me tell you, this man is one of the select few who can really dive into childhood and serve it up to you on a plate.

Over at Amazon, they hit the nail with the hammer when describing Sendak:
The New York Times has recognized that Sendak's work "has brought a new dimension to the American children's book and has helped to change how people visualize childhood."

Julia wanted this book read to her almost every night of her life between the ages of 2 and 3. No joke.

I should mention that Mickey, the hero of the book, is naked pretty much through the entire story, except when he is covered in dough. Yep, he is presented in an anatomically correct fashion. No, he doesn’t really get baked in an oven. If you want to get more info about Sendak’s own thoughts on this book and more on why the story was thought by many to be controversial, check this out.

Julia’s favorite part of the book, that she would chant over and over:
“Milk in the batter! Milk in the batter! We bake cake! And nothing’s the matter!”
There’s also a giant milk bottle in the story, which she also really loved.

I adore everything Sendak, but I extra specially love ‘Chicken Soup with Rice’. Do you have a favorite Sendak book? Have you read this one? Did you love it? Or did you find it too bizarre?


  1. You know, we read this book so much we kinda got burned out on it. When I pulled it out to write a post about it, I was like, I've missed this crazy book! I want to make some kind of art project based around it, some kind of jam bottle and cereal box cityscape world! (That probably won't happen b/c I'm not awesome with the craft projects but I still think it would be a cool idea.) :) ~Melissa

  2. I remember my mom reading this book to my youngest brother when he was a little guy. I think we found it at the library. Definitely a little wacky, but I always like how he interpreted what a child's dreamscape might look like. Little ones love running around naked, so why wouldn't they do so in their dreams?

  3. You said it sister! Long ago, a friend that I used to teach preschool with told me about this book, and I was like, okey dokey, I'll check it out sometime, but never did...then when I finally got around to reading it with Julia, I was like OH I get it now, why she thought this book was so awesome! ~Melissa

  4. I just recently got a copy of Pierre, I love that one... and alligators all around... What a cool children's book author! SO influential!

    1. What's amazing about him is that he's this total package of amazing story ideas, incredible art and just...his stuff BLOWS YOUR MIND. Not often do you get that kind of Triple Threat!