September 9, 2011

Cool Stuff I Like

Well it’s time for my weekly ode about the weather. I feel very baffled as to why we are experiencing near 90 degree weather in September. Here’s a little joke I heard recently: What is the difference between the summer and the fall in the Pacific Northwest? The weather is better in the fall. Yep.

So I, and many others I’m guessing, survived the transition of being the parents of preschoolers to being the parents of Kindergarteners. What a relief. Although it did pretty much squish my heart a whole whopping lot when Julia told me before her first day, “I’ll miss you Mama.”

This week on the Cool List:
Cool Book of the Week: ‘My Kindergarten’ by Rosemary Wells. It’s a huge book, packed with poems, songs, short stories, fun facts and rhymes. This would be a fun one to have and read throughout your kiddo’s entire Kindergarten year!

A lot of friends have asked/commented about Julia’s uniform dress. It doesn’t have to be a uniform -- it’s from Land’s End and it’s such a cute fall dress! All cotton, great weight for Indian summers. Comes in three colors, white, blue and navy/green plaid.

How adorable is this keepsake box for school memories?

Painting with squirt guns. Awesome!

How does Maple Nutmeg Shortbread sound? Very fall-ish, yes?

Is anyone else totally excited for this show? Or this one? Fairy Tales!

Have a fabulous weekend my friends! We are hitting up a local Japanese fall festival; there is going to be puppet show featuring Japanese folk tales, which we’re pretty excited about seeing. Are you doing anything fun and fabulous? Or just chillaxing?

Yes, I like to use that word.

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  1. I love that the dress came from Land's End. I had no idea they had such cute kid stuff! Did you see this cute little nightgown?

  2. Oh Michelle that is SO CUTE!! No, I hadn't seen that one! I think Lands' End has super cute stuff for kids, I got Julia a beautiful tunic shirt from last year and we just loved it. ~Melissa