September 16, 2011

Cool Stuff I Like

Those of you who have been hanging with us since the beginning know that rarely can I go more than two words without throwing an ‘AWESOME’ into the mix. It’s definitely my Very Favorite Word, followed closely by ‘totally’, ‘rad’ and ‘fab’. Let’s not forget our friends ‘Easy Peasy’ and ‘delightful’!

So I find it BEYOND AWESOME that Julia’s Bookbag is a finalist in Red Tricycle’s Most Awesome Local Blogger Awards! You can read all about Red Tricycle’s online newsletter for parents here.

If you like us, even a wee little bit, you should totally vote for us! IT IS SO EASY! (Some voting contests are Very Complicated and require all kinds of registration steps which are Very Confusing to me.) But this one is REALLY EASY.

Just click here! You can vote no matter where you live!

Here’s what you do:
Click the circle next to Julia’s Bookbag

Enter your email for verification purposes in the box below the nominees list

Click on the city closest to where you live in the box below the email box

Click ‘submit your vote’!


Now let’s check out some Cool Stuff together:
You must try these brand new Trader Joe’s treats. You’ll flip. We did!
How cute is this owl shirt?
Anthropologie has the ultimate box of crayons. Great gift idea methinks.
I’m so excited to try this pumpkin bread!
I adore this Birthday Fairy idea. (Scroll down to the ‘Celebrate Birthdays’ section of the article.)

Cool Book of the Week: ‘Boo: The Life of the World's Cutest Dog’. This dog blows my mind.

HAVE A GLORIOUS WEEKEND! (and please vote for us!)



  1. I voted for your AWESOME blog! :)

  2. THANK YOU Michelle! I appreciate that so so much! :)Melissa

  3. I voted for your awesome blog as well!!! Love You!!!