September 23, 2011

Cool Stuff I Like

Goodbye Summer! It’s official. Today’s the day. And I’m still pretty much in denial about it all. I’ll try and take the high road and just wish us all HAPPY AUTUMN but oh summer. How I’ll miss you.

Did you all have a chance to enter our KAWAII KIDS GIVEAWAY? It’s not too late! You do not, do not, do not want to miss this! Why? Because it’s the most adorable stuff ever!

Many, many rad things on the COOL STUFF LIST this week:

Saw this Air Swimmer Shark toy at Ohdeedoh. OMG. You must see the video.

Molly Alone is a fun, new blog I found. And Molly makes art! Her ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ print is DARLING.

And speaking of art, my bloggy friend Jenny at My Favorite and My Best is creating the most amazing abstract art. You can commission a painting!

And speaking of friends, a friend of a friend created Nourish Me, a superfood supplement for kids. Julia and I are both going to try it!

Amazing, fantastical Halloween masks for kids. (via Poppytalk)

This just made me laugh a whole lot.

Grown-up Lucky Charms. Or for anyone really! (via Lobster and Swan)

More fancy crayons, this time French, from ROMP.

Cool Book of the Week: ‘Autumn’, by Gerda Muller. Beautiful. Wordless.

Have a great First Fall Weekend!!! What are you going to do?



  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Melissa! Love all your "Cool Stuff"! You have a great eye! Hope you have an awesome weekend :)

  2. Hey Molly! I realized early this AM that I had written the title of the lion art piece incorrectly but I fixed it! 'The Lion Sleeps TONIGHT'! (First go-round, I had it 'The Lion Sleeps at Night.' Ooopsie woopsie.) :) ~Melissa

  3. Those air swimmers are hilarious! I loved the video and could totally see my kids falling in love with that clown fish.

  4. Wasn't that SO DARN FUNNY? I lost it when that shark came flying through the doorway -- I wonder if my kiddo would think that was awesome...OR TERRIFYING!!! :) ~Melissa