September 29, 2011

First School Library Trip

Well I done something right my friends. . . my kiddo went to the school library for the first time last week and I swear I was so proud when I saw what she brought home I almost cried, but I didn’t because that would’ve freaked her out and she would have thought why is Mommy crying about my library books, why is Mommy so weird? Wait, she thinks THAT one everyday and asks it to my face.

I love this. I love this thought about libraries. Not sure about the garden part because to me, my garden just represents the weed den that I’ve been ignoring for the past 3 months.

Look what she brought home! Lobel and Hoban! The kid has great book taste. She was very proud of her books.

In ‘Ming Lo Moves The Mountain’, a mountain is bumming out Ming Lo. It makes his house too shady. His veggies won’t grow. So he consults the local wise man, who gives all sorts of Not Very Helpful Advice.

(Like throwing cakes at the mountain.)

Finally, the wise man tells Ming Lo to dismantle his house and do a special mountain dance (walk backwards basically) and this will make the mountain move. Ming Lo winds up far away from the mountain! He puts his house back together! It’s a miracle! And that wise man is very tricky eh?

My daughter loved this heaps and loads. “But the mountain didn’t move!! HA HA HA HA!”

And book #2 was ‘Bedtime for Frances’. Look at this picture down below of Frances’ face. It so perfectly captures how kids feel when Alone in a Dark Room. It doesn’t matter that she’s a badger. In this picture, Frances is Every Kid, and that’s why the Frances books are classics.

The library was my Happy Place when I was young. It thrilled me to the core to see Julia experience it on her own, making her own book decisions and being so happy and proud to show me her finds! What was the first book your kiddo picked out from the school library? I’m dying to know!

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  1. Frances was one of my favorites! I think the only thing better than a trip to the school library was when the Scholastic book fair came to the school every year. Do those still exist? I hope so!

  2. Oh YES they still do Scholastic! I'm obsessed with Scholastic. I'm going to be working at the Book Fair that's coming up really soon at J's school, I'm so excited! :) ~Melissa

  3. What great taste! I'm afraid Juliet will head straight to the Dora section....:)

  4. Ha ha ha! Ok, the kid brings up Arnold Lobel by name in everyday conversation. Apparently I am an EXCELLENT brainwasher! :) ~Melissa