September 19, 2011

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

The color palette of the world is changing. . . .

In the leaves. . .

In my kiddo's art. . . I love her wavy-armed tree! We made fall tree pictures together after school last Friday; it had been a loooong time since we’d done an art project together.

Our trees are now hanging in the window where hopefully the sun will shine through them!

In the flowers. . .

And in the little missy's clothing. . . She’s been sporting a cheetah print jacket from Hanna Andersson for her fall jacket and since she received it, she has not taken it off once during the daytime hours. She sleeps with it next to her bed at night.

How was everybody’s weekend? I discovered that I inadvertently missed the season premiere of ‘Vampire Diaries’ last week. An honest to goodness, for real GASP came out of me when I realized I had missed the show. My husband took great delight in watching me run around squawking about missing my show.

Let’s discuss this for a minute shall we? IT’S A GOOD SHOW. That’s all I wanted to discuss actually. What team are you on? Team Damon? Yes? The only answer I will accept from you is yes.

And from vampires on the CW, we logically move to a Very Sweet Fall Time Book.

‘Fletcher and the Falling Leaves’ is my very favorite fall book. I have great fondness for Fletcher, if you recall when I wrote about his springtime adventures.

Oh the sweetness of this story! And the art! Loveliness. It makes my heart happy to read these books. In this one, Fletcher doesn’t understand why his favorite tree is losing its leaves.

Is it sick? What’s wrong with it? Fletcher is not going to let his favorite tree lose its leaves without a fight. He fetches them back. He sticks them onto the tree again. He takes the leaves away from other animals who are trying to line their nests with them. He runs himself ragged trying to hold onto these leaves.

But, he learns that change can lead to something even more beautiful.

I could sit and look at the art in this book ALL DAY LONG. Is it fall-ish where you are yet? Have you begun pumpkin doughnut eating/cider drinking/fuzzy sweater wearing/fall art making yet? And more importantly, ARE YOU WATCHING THE VAMPIRE DIARIES???

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  1. No TV here. And no fall yet. I'm so wishing we'd get some fall weather, but alas I live in California. It's still blazing hot here. Not a cup of hot cider or autumn leaf in sight.

  2. I wish it was still hot actually! Go see Design Mom today, I left a comment about your site! She had pix of toys talking :) ~Melissa

  3. Just looked it up! Thank you for mentioning my blog! :) Those photos were hilarious. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has goofy thoughts about the toys lying around the house. :)

  4. Sometimes I think children's art is more inspiring than the professionals! Tell Julia she's got an eye for design and color! That tree she painted is gorgeous :)!

  5. Hi Molly! Thanks for stopping by! Oh I'm with you on that notion -- I live for kid art, every time I see a home with kid art framed up all over the walls it makes me swoon :) -- Julia did the wavy tree and I did the second tree (I draw like a preschooler), we've got matching art styles, tee hee! She did an amazing cherry blossom tree once, it's in her room. ~Melissa