September 27, 2011

Hello Kitty Loves Autumn

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Look at what my buddy Gretchen just sent me. (Miss G. is my Hello Kitty enabler. She’s responsible for the Summertime Hello Kitty post.) Costco has apparently fallen under Hello Kitty’s mind control powers and is offering a Hello Kitty refrigerator. You want one! You totally want one! And by you, I mean me.

It gets better.

Sometimes the universe smiles at you, you know? Imagine my joy when I flipped through the latest Chasing Fireflies catalog and saw a full DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD devoted to Hello Kitty Awesome Everything that is Fabulous and Awesome about Hello Kitty.

And did you see what I just did? I managed to write a totally incoherent sentence using the words AWESOME and HELLO KITTY twice.

Here you go peeps. Revel away. I had to put Tiny Tot Tuesday on hiatus today because when Hello Kitty summons, you better hop to.

Look at this stripey Hello Kitty shirt! If it came in a grown up size, I would totally wear this. I loooooove love love it!

Hello Kitty Striped Tee, $38.

Apparently this little girl loves it too, along with her darling overalls.

Hello Kitty Overalls, $78.

Fab Hello Kitty backpack for storing all your fab Hello Kitty belongings.

Hello Kitty Backpack, $40.

Hello Kitty wants to be with you even on rainy days! Hello Kitty will not rest until her face is emblazoned on everything you own.

Hello Kitty Rain Slicker, $44.

See how happy all these kids are? Hello Kitty has that effect on people. Because her powers of mind control are THAT powerful. Hello Kitty wants to go to a fancy party in her velvet jumper. So you darn well better take her to a fancy party.

Hello Kitty Velvet Jumper, $78.

Don’t you love these red leg warmers?

Hello Kitty Leg Warmers (red), $14.

‘No Melissa, I don’t love the red leg warmers. I prefer pink.’ OK don’t fuss, here you go.

Hello Kitty Leg Warmers (pink), $14.

And of course sparkly red shoes are a must to any Hello Kitty ensemble. (They also come in pink!)

Red Glitter Mary Janes, $49.

Hello Kitty wants you to take her home! She will sit here and stare at you until you do.

Hello Kitty Ballerina Beanie Baby, $12.

What goes inside this Hello Kitty mystery box? IT’S A MYSTERY! (I know what’s in there. Hello Kitty’s master-plan blueprints for World Domination.)

Hello Kitty Lunchbox, $14.

Well friends, I don’t know if you enjoyed that romp through Hello Kitty land but I certainly did. I wonder if Hello Kitty loves me as much as I love her? You know what my goal in life is, right? I am imagining that the mother of all Hello Kitty stores exists in Tokyo. (I have no idea if there is such a thing, but I believe it with all my heart.) Someday Julia and I are going to go!


  1. I love those red glitter shoes. Last year, my daughter had a pair of Hello Kitty leopard slippers. They were ADORABLE!

  2. Wow, I wish I could have seen those!! Where are these things in women's sizes?? Come on! :) ~Melissa