September 15, 2011

Japanese Fall Festival

Last weekend we went to Aki Matsuri, which is a Japanese Fall festival put on annually in our area. I had never been before; Julia and I saw a sign for it one day and she noticed the cute bunnies on the poster, while I noticed ‘Japanese Folk Tales Puppet Show’ on it. So being the Japan fans that we are, we were way psyched to go check out the Fall Festival Fun! Have I mentioned once, twice or ten thousand times how I live to alliterate? It’s a problem.

Julia’s big takeaway of the event was that she wants her own kimono or kimono-inspired pajamas STAT. We asked a few people, whose kids were dressed in these darling kimono-esque shorty pajama-ish looking outfits, from whence the ensembles came – ‘Oh, from Japan.’ Sigh. This is the response I always get BTW when I see someone wearing a fabulous hat with a huge brim that still manages to look amazing – ‘Oh, this? It’s from Japan.’

People (aka my husband Andrew) probably thought I was very strange because I kept following them around and asking to shoot their backsides – but that’s the coolest part of a kimono, the sash in the back!

Julia had fun trying on a temporary kimono, although sadly, there was a Hello Kitty kimono available to wear but it was not her size. We took pictures instead!

We have a bit of a Haiku thing going on this week, apparently!

The puppet show we saw was a lot of fun. And speaking of Japanese folk tales, remember when I wrote about this book? Well, here is ‘Kintaro’s Adventures’ by Florence Sakade, a companion book by the same author, with more Japanese stories and fairy tales. We love it just as much as Japanese Children’s Favorite Stories.

There is a picture of me in preschool, wearing a kimono for Girl’s Day (March 3), which is celebrated in Hawaii sometimes, like it is in Japan. But I can’t find it! Aren’t the kimono fabrics just gorgeous? I sometimes wonder how our adult clothing culture got caught up in so much grey/black/beige/brown/navy. Where did all the color go?


  1. some beautiful kimono's
    we got some very old ones, which we got from my
    friends grandmother

    nice blog

  2. Julia looks so sweet in the kimono she tried on!

  3. Thanks very much ladies! And thanks for stopping by today Kay!:) ~Melissa