September 8, 2011

Kindergarten Rocks!

Well friends, it happened. Big K Day finally arrived. My daughter gamely posed with her favorite dragons. And guess what? I did not cry, not even once. Nor did I spontaneously combust, which I was a little worried would happen.

To be honest, I think I got the weepies out of my system when the little missy went off to preschool. THAT was hard for me because up until that time, she had basically never been out of my sight for more than an hour or two except when one of the grandmas was watching her. And when preschool was over, it seemed like Real Childhood was looming, no more pretending I could hold onto the toddler/baby years. So I was pretty teary on her last day of preschool.

But over the summer we read loads of books about the Big K and she’s been getting progressively more excited about the idea, and on the big day? As we drove out of our neighborhood, we passed by some families walking on the sidewalk and she rolled down her window and shouted “I’M OFF TO KINDERGARTEN!!”

And then at school she really wanted me to drop her off using the car drop off line but somehow that confused me (Yeah. I’m easily confused.) so I walked her in, which she was bummed a bit about because she wanted to “walk in like a Big Girl.”

And then we had our ritual of hug, kiss, knuffle, (This is where she rubs her nose on my tummy. I have no idea how this started happening.) hug, clutch. (I don’t know how that one got thrown in the rotation either.) She likes to SAY each of these actions as she does them.





Got it?
IT’S A BIG DEAL, the Big K is.

This school and I are going to get along GREAT book-wise! Um, did you SEE the Fairy book? If you want to see more, you can find it here.

And ‘Rosie’s Walk’ by Pat Hutchins is brilliant and so funny and amazingly illustrated. Fantastic book! A clueless hen manages to elude an even more clueless fox.

And lastly, the title of today’s post comes from a really fun book Julia and I read over the summer named. . . ‘Kindergarten ROCKS!’ by Katie Davis. Ours came with a companion audio CD; I ordered it from Scholastic. It’s all about That First Day and how fun it is, especially after the anxiety of it all has been making a kiddo feel a leeeetle nervous!

We’re still reading about Kindergarten, BTW, I think it’s going to be a recurring theme in our book reading all this fall.

SOOOOOO, how did you fare, you fellow Dropping-Off-at–Kindergarten warriors? Any tales from the battlefield you’d like to share?


  1. I'm so glad you made it through the first day intact! Spontaneous combustion would have been a bummer. :) I hope it goes so well for me next year when Miss C. has her first day. Her first day of preschool was so hard for me this year - and for the same reasons you wrote. She was never away from me before so it was hard to let my baby go. But I only cried in the car that first day. She did so well that it made me feel good dropping her off the next time.

    I love Julia's dress! She looks positively adorable in it. :) Wanna see the backpack I made for Miss C. last week?


  2. Oh my goodness Michelle! Just got back from seeing your AMAZING backpack! Fantastic! I totally remember the feeling I had when I came home after dropping off Julia at preschool, I found that much harder then Kindergarten, which has been pretty easy peasy. I felt so....WEIRD. Like one of my arms was missing. But it got better very quickly and her preschool was only a couple of hours that first year and when we drove into the parking lot she would usually yell 'Yay Preschool!' :) ~Melissa

  3. Thanks also Michelle for the sweet comment on Julia's dress! It's her favorite thing now. A lot of people have been asking about it, so I'm going to put up a link for it on tomorrow's Cool Stuff list. :) ~Melissa

  4. Yay for kindergarten! Too bad Julia will only be there a couple of days before they kick her up to the 3rd grade. ;)

    I was also going to comment on her dress, and ask when school uniforms became so stylish.

  5. Tee hee! Or send her home for being a sassypants! Everyone is diggin' the dress, I'm telling ya. It's an awesome dress. There's a white one available but I thought that would get trashed in a heartbeat. ~Melissa

  6. Thank you for your sweet compliment on the backpack! I had a lot of fun making it and was shocked by how well it turned out. :)

    I know how you feel about feeling as though a part of me is missing when she's at school. Fortunately, I've got my little guy to keep me company. It's not the same without the two of them running around, but it's nice to have some time alone with my buddy.

    I can't wait to see where you found that dress!

  7. I get to hang out with my husband because he works from home, which is nice. And our two crazy cats. The house doesn't feel quite so empty! :) ~Melissa

  8. What a cute confident little kindergartner. I hope when my son is old enough to go off to school, he has a similar attitude. I would imagine it's much easier when you're the one having the hardest time. Her dress is so chic!

  9. Oh, she's adorable! Congrats to her and to you--it is a big deal and to survive it tear-free is quite the accomplishment! It's such a fun year--kindergarten--I hope she enjoys every minute. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  10. Thanks Jennifer! Her dress has been quite the topic of conversation -- I love how preppy it is, because I HEART PREPPY! And thanks Miss Vanessa, I am happy that I did not dissolve into a big puddle of mom-tears. Just a teensy little crack in the heart. :)

  11. LOL our daughters seem like they are a lot alike - same age, and they both do the saying goodbye ritual - ours is cheek kiss, then kissing hand (like the book), then nose rub, then hug. And she says it out loud too as she does it, haha! I am dreading her starting grade 1 in the fall a little bit - it's going to be so weird to have her at school full-time and to be a real big-kid grade-schooler. Anyway, as you can see I am enjoying going through some of the posts on your blog - love it!

    1. Your story makes me so happy Leanne! And I'm so glad you are enjoying it here!