September 5, 2011

Melissa’s End of Summer Reading List

I’m having a hard time believing that it’s September. I’m clinging to the idea that it is still August. The summer weather that I’ve been hoping for since June is finally here; it’s supposed to be 80+ for a good solid week! I am ALL kinds of happy about this.

Remember my post where I talked about what I wanted to read this summer? Well, this is what I actually read.

I’m actually three-quarters of the way through ‘The Lost Girls’ and I’m so happy this one caught my eye and that I picked it up! I love books that have a lot of travel to far-flung and exotic locales in them. This story is essentially one long travelogue, detailing the year three women in their late twenties spent going from one country to the next, journeying across four continents. I so admire this true story of some best friends who took the ultimate plunge and left everything -- jobs, apartments and boyfriends, to search for something other than The Expected Path that was set in front of them.

Do you think you could ever do that? I could never do that. That’s why I like reading about people who could do that.

I also read this:

‘Soulless’ by Gail Carriger, is part of a five volume series. I’ve read this one and I’m midway through the second book, ‘Changeless’. I was so excited to read these books!

Vampires and werewolves in a Victorian setting, with a Jane Austen-ish vibe? I was prepared to ADORE these books. I didn’t quite adore them as much as I wanted to. The books are a bit. . . silly. But something silly has never stopped me before, and you know what? I’m going to keep on with the series, so I guess the books got their hooks into me, despite the fact that I’m not sure why I’m reading them and the level of awesome is a bit less that I’d hoped. My husband Andrew took one look at the cover and was like, ‘What are you READING?’ And not in a Hey that looks cool, curious kind of way. Sometime I’ll show the ridiculous book covers of the sci-fi-from-the-‘40’s books he reads and then we’ll see who’s the silly one.

So this is what I am just SO DARN EXCITED TO GET MY HANDS ON, it will be perfect Halloween reading!

‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern has been described as a cross between ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ and ‘Harry Potter’. SAY WHAT? I am SO there! It will be released on September 13, and I for one, will be first in line.

Do you want a little book tip? I have received great book advice from the unlikeliest source. Lainey Gossip. A site I ADORE. Best Hollywood celeb blog ever. Lainey has great book taste and always mentions the books she is reading and I have loved every single one of her suggestions! And she shares my great love for YA fiction.

So what about you? What did you read this summer? What’s on your book agenda as we head into fall? Have you heard about ‘The Night Circus’? We totally need to discuss all this so let’s get into it!


  1. Did you know that Erin Morgenstern is reading at Third Place Books? Everyone is asked to dress in black with a bit of red!!!!!

  2. Oh how COOL! Now Andrew thinks he wants to read this book as well. Poacher. :) ~Melissa

  3. I'm so glad you linked me to this post in your comment on my blog. I just reserved The Night Circus at the library. And I can't wait to read Soulless -- it sounds right up my alley. I actually also read The Lost Girls earlier this year as well. It was so much fun.

    I recently read Entwined. I highly recommend it. It's a retelling of the story of the twelve dancing princesses.

  4. Thanks for coming by Brandi! I've heard about Entwined and I really want to get my hands on that one as well...~Melissa