September 28, 2011

Mother Earth and Her Children

The most beautiful Fall book I’ve ever seen actually bills itself as a springtime book, but really this story just screams Autumn glory to me. ‘Mother Earth and Her Children, A Quilted Fairy Tale’ by Sibylle Von Olfers, is the most stunning seasonal book I’ve ever seen, so really, just pick a season and start reading.

I’m so sorry Mr. JACK ZIPES, whose name I cut off in my oh-too-small-scanner. Thank you for translating!

There’s an amazing thing about this book. The illustrations, by Sieglinde Schoen-Smith, are QUILTED. As in sewn. As in someone created this stunning thing with their hands and needles and thread. People are AMAZING, aren’t they? It’s a sad story actually. The illustrator decided to create the quilt based on the original art from the story, as a coping mechanism to help her through the death of her son. You can read about someone who actually met this amazing lady here.

You could look at this book for hours and still not pick up on every little detail. The story itself is very simple in its depiction of the Root Children, as they go about scrubbing bees and picking forget-me-nots and other seasonal little naturey chores.

(My weeds are a naturey chore I’m choosing to ignore. And I made a little rhyme!)

I cannot get enough of this book.

Oh if only summer would not fade away! I’m so with you, Sibylle Van Olfers and Mr. JACK ZIPES. (I feel really badly about my scanner cutting off his name.) But if I had a rad name like that, I think I would spell it in all caps all the time anyway, just to be cool.

Look at this! Someone SEWED all of this! There’s crafty. . .and then there’s art.

Another view of the entire quilt itself:

Amazing, no? Don’t you just adore the Root Children? And don’t you think this TOTALLY looks like a fall-time book?

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  1. Oh, I so NEED this book.

  2. It's SO lovely Helen! You'll love it :) I'm taking it in to read to Julia's class next week! ~Melissa

  3. Okay... Ummm I need this book even more than snowchildren I think... quilted??? wow.

  4. I adore this book so much, you have no idea! ~Melissa