September 20, 2011

Tiny Tot Tuesday: Halloween Parade

I know we’ve got a bit until Halloween but I had to share this find with you now! I have to say that ANYONE at any age will enjoy these charmingly illustrated ‘Halloween Parade’ stationery products, but they seem especially suited for those living in The Land of the Very Small.

I’ve been following the works of Catherine Young, the creator of Bumpkin Bears, since she was kind enough to come visit my blog in its earliest days and leave a comment. Then I went over to her blog and discovered how terrifically talented an artist she is. She creates the Most Delightful art. She creates heirloom teddy bears. She’s British and lives in Belgium. She loves Beatrix Potter and Winnie the Pooh!

(I think she might be like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way.)

You can find these selections, plus more of her inventory, in her Etsy shop. I am so knocked out by her talent -- I think she needs to illustrate a children’s book! What do you think of her work?


  1. So cute! The bear reminds me of Paddington. Do you remember Paddington? :)

  2. Oh yes! I went through a big Paddington love stage when I was a little girl! I want to get an audio CD for Julia to listen to of Paddington stories. These do look a lot like him!! :) ~Melissa

  3. We had a couple of hamsters when I was a kid. One was named Paddington. :) I always loved that he carried a peanut butter sandwich underneath his hat.

  4. oh my goodness, now I'm blushing! Thank you SO much for this very kind write up, gosh I'm far from perfect, although I did love Mary Poppins :) Bear Hugs, Catherine x