October 27, 2011

The Attic Witch

Another library find from Miss Julia. Holy macaroni, the girl finds better books at the library than I do!

And because I’m so funny (?), I’m going to play a wee little trick on you. I’m going to stop talking. Because this book, ‘The Attic Witch’ is wordless, I am also going to be wordless.

(One last thought. Julia LOVED this one and has renewed it twice. She spends a half hour at a time creating her own words for the story. I have always heard that wordless books are good for the imagination, well turns out. . . it’s true!)

(Another last thought. The art is going to blow your mind!! Ok, I’m no good at being wordless.)


  1. This was one of my top favorite books from the school library as a little girl in the 70's. I now own 2 copies of it! Loved her secret door to her attic and all the fun stuff up there. My second favorite from those days was Letitia Rabbit's String Song if you can find it :) Happy Reading!

    1. WOW, Amber -- I am so impressed that you've even heard of this book! And even more impressed that you own it!! It's really an amazing little book. I'd love to seek out the other one you mentioned!