October 14, 2011

Cool Stuff I Like

Happy Friday! Fall is just SUCH AN AMAZEMENT TO ME because I grew up in Hawaii for the first half of my life. No changing seasons. (Just one long really nice season!) So I really revel in the leaves, the color, all the fall traditions that seems so much more fun when all the decor, crafts and colors of the food is also reflected in the world outside. . .

We just did our Boo'ing! Does your neighborhood do this? It’s like Secret Santa, only with Halloween treats, left on a neighbor’s doorstep. Once you are Boo’d, then you go Boo a neighbor and leave them a small bag of surprises, and on it goes until everyone in the neighborhood has a BOO! sign on their door and a small bag o’ treats in hand. (‘Cuz you know, the kids don’t get enough candy on Halloween. Tee-hee.) Julia loves boo’ing a neighbor and then running away giggling all the way home.


Jenna over at Sweet Fine Day is selling some gorgeous 2012 calendars. Go peek!

Do you like Dan Zanes? We do! He’s got a new kids CD, Little Nut Tree.

15 Pasta Recipes via The Kitchn.

How to Make a Leaf Garland.

Halloween Crayon Bats from Honest to Nod.

After-Preschool Brownies (how cute is that?) from Sweet Amandine.

I blew my clothing budget on this shirt and I refuse to take it off, it’s like jammies.

Spiderweb Cupcakes! (via Momfilter)

Cool Book of the Week: ‘There’s Something in My Attic’ by Mercer Mayer. Very fun about a little girl determined to lasso the nightmare living in her attic – who happens to be sweet and shy and partial to teddy bears!

Have a wonderful weekend! We’ve got a birthday and a baby shower to attend! Only two more weeks until Halloween my spookies. . .

(Image Credit: Boo? Art print via http://childrensillustrator.deviantart.com/gallery/11666141#/d27p62v)


  1. I love the story behind the after school brownies. Her mom sounds so sweet!

  2. Wasn't that such a wonderful post? I like that food site a lot, she just had a baby so not a lot of posting lately but it's a great site! ~Melissa

  3. love love love Attic! Mayer is the best...