October 21, 2011

Cool Stuff I Like

It’s almost here my friends!! I’m referring to the big H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N of course. Don’t you feel like October/November/December is just one whirlwind rush from one holiday to the next? There’s hardly any time to breathe or slow down! So let’s make a mental promise amongst each other to BREATHE and SLOW DOWN. I feel better already.

The leaves are really starting to turn, swirl and pile up around here. It’s looking very picturesque pretty, and I’m trying to pause and enjoy it, instead of racing forward in my mind and getting all prematurely anxious about the long, cold, grey months ahead. I get seasonally SAD so I’m really happy that this year I’ll have the blog to keep my positivity on track and have a forum in which to deposit Happy Thoughts and Cheery Resolutions. And cozy books to read!

On the Cool Stuff List this week, I found a ton of All Things Apple, to go along with my Appley Dappley post.

Over at The Kitchn, I was stoked to see 10 Recipes Using Apple Butter.

Speaking of apple butter, I am so in love with this kind. I’ve eaten nearly a whole jar.

Apple Dumplings! (via The Kitchn, which was full of apple goodness this week.)

A whopping load of Apple Pie recipes from Country Living.

Gabrielle, from Design Mom, has a great apple votive making tutorial.

I love this Apple House Playset.

Very darling apple costume!

Cool Book of the week: ‘The Apple Cookbook’ by Olwen Woodier. Everything applelicious you could ever want to make is in this book! I have an AMAZING apple storybook to share with you but it is so gorgeous, it needs its own post.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend! We’re going to try to get to a pumpkin patch and hopefully not get rained out! And Andrew is going to try and make me watch a gazillion scary movies. Sadly, my tolerance for horror films is not what it once was. To retaliate, I told him as soon as Halloween is over, we're watching 'Downton Abbey'.


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