October 28, 2011

Cool Stuff I Like

Check out my Halloween hat, yo! I’m dressing up as eccentric Halloween Victorian lady. Wait, I dress like that already! (Ha ha to you Mr. Andrew sir, I believe I beat you to the punch.) I could see that joke coming from so far away I went ahead and wrote it myself. (Now he’s going to tell me that he would have come up with a far wittier joke!)

So MY SPOOKIES! Sniff, I feel like that’s the last time I’ll be able to call you all that. Until next year that is. What’s up for the weekend? We have a neighborhood pumpkin carving soiree to attend, and my husband Andrew is going to subject me to one last blast of scary movies. Because ‘American Horror Story’, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Vampire Diaries’ just ain’t enough for this household! Hee hee, he is now going to be very offended that I put ‘Vampire Diaries’ on that list – he surfs the internet when I watch that one. I have no idea WHY, because that show is SO AWESOME!

Let’s look at more awesome on this week’s COOL LIST:

Abbey, from Design Scouting, found a really neato scratch-off world map. I want one!

Apple Pie Muffins!!

It’s THAT TIME. Time to start thinking about Christmas. I love these stars!

And I adore these darling owl measuring cups from West Elm.

Is anyone making popcorn balls this weekend? I think these look awesome.

Gorgeous, gorgeous leaf lanterns.

I forgot to include this monster puzzle in my Monster Mash-up post.

Cool Book of the Week: ‘The Blueberry Pie Elf’ by Jane Thayer and Seymour Fleishman. Haven’t read this! Oh how I want to read about this little elf who really, really loves his pie! Does this not look DARLING?

Have a fabulous weekend-before-Halloween! Cheery good spooks to one and all!


  1. Master W. turned 2 this week (eep!), so we're hosting a small birthday party on Saturday. Other than that, we're just taking the kids trick-or-treating at my in-laws' neighborhood. Should be fun. I hope you guys have a great Halloween weekend. Sounds like you've got some fun things lined up!

    Oh, and this isn't Halloween related but we found a couple of books that we really liked recently: Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy (http://www.amazon.com/Ladybug-Girl-Bumblebee-Jacky-Davis/dp/0803733399) and Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad (http://www.amazon.com/Ladybug-Girl-Squad-Jacky-Davis/dp/0803734190/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1319812084&sr=1-1).

  2. We like those books too Miss M! Grandma has those over at her house! Happy birthday to your birthday boy!! Two is just the cutest, I think. Julia didn't really have terrible 2. She had terrible 3, 4....:) ~Melissa

  3. Oohhh, 3 was really hard for Miss C. My little guy used to be so agreeable... until about a month ago. Not he's constantly shouting, "No!" or "Stop!". Oh well... LOL

    I think what I love most about the Ladybug Girl books is that Lu Lu is so much like my daughter. We've already used some of the situations in the books to help diffuse Miss C.'s frustration when Master W. doesn't play "her way". :)