October 24, 2011

DIY Halloween Haunted House

One more week until Candy Day! I used to teach preschool and I remember so well the day one of my students asked me, ‘Miss Melissa, when is it going to be Candy Day?’ And I was like, ‘Huh? What’s Candy Day? Oh, you mean Halloween.’

Kids know what’s important.

Last weekend Julia decided that Saturday was Pajama Day and donned her cozy sweater over her nightgown all day. I promise that VERY SOON I am going to make Andrew write a post with me wherein we debate the validity of what we now call “The House Sweater”. Stay tuned, it’s going to be riveting!

Little J and I decorated a Halloween house made from an empty cereal box, while we left Exacto knife-wielding-window-cutting duties to Andrew. The end result looks a bit . . . rustic, shall we say, but Julia loves it and has been happily playing with it ever since so I chalk this up to a successful craft activity!

I am not an expert crafter. I’m not even a mediocre crafter. For those of you who are like me, I have to tell you that GLITTER IS YOUR FRIEND. Afraid of glittery mess? Fear not my spookies! Glitter makes any kind project oh so pretty! And shiny. I think I have the mentality of a small kitten – dangle something sparkly and shiny in my face and I’m like, ooooooh.

Basically all we did was paint an old cereal box with acrylic paint (regular kid poster paint didn’t cover well enough). Be careful with acrylics! They ain’t kidding around with the permanent warnings! We glittered it while the paint was still wet. Then we waited for it to dry before we cut the back off the box and cut out windows and doors, but you could certainly do that step first, if that appeals to you more. Then we decorated our Haunted Housie with bat stickers that I picked up from the craft store. (a.k.a., the place that scares me.)

If I were really cool I would have added a roof like this, but I think that might be another realm of craftiness I have yet to achieve. What about you, my spookies? How are you decorating (or not decorating) for Halloween? Or are you just throwing candy corn at the walls and calling it good? I think I might try that next year. . .


  1. I think I lost my Halloween decorating mojo a few years ago, sometime around the time I started having kids. :) I am, however, almost done making the kids' costumes. Miss C. had a slight change of plans and decided that she'd rather be Peter Rabbit and have Master W. be Benjamin Bunny. No problem! Those are much easier costumes to make anyway. :)

  2. Oh I hope you post pictures of these darling sounding costumes!!! I never had any Halloween decorating ambitions, but somehow or another, we just began accumulating Halloween stuff from my mom, and then I was like, well, I guess we are now officially decorating for Halloween!:) ~Melissa

  3. I'll definitely post some photos, though they're very simply made since we had to make them on a tight budget. :) We have an entire tub thingy of decorations in the garage. I just can't bring myself to drag them out anymore. I keep saying, "When the kids are older..." :) -Michelle

  4. http://www.thatartistwoman.org/p/fall-art-projects.html

    this is the greatest craft I've never done.
    I'm trying to upload pictures here, but its not working. sad face.

  5. Holy COW Sam!! Those are some amazing looking art projects, what a cool site! I don't think Blogger will let one post pix in the comments section, but that's ok, I hopped on over to take a look-see -- totally fantastic!! xo, Melissa

  6. Okay - LOVE the Halloween house!
    And the site Sam posted -- brilliant! Totally going to hit this site up during Christmas break, to keep the kids entertained. Amazing stuff on there.

  7. I know, totally! I think I might have to talk about this lady's site on my Cool List this week. So awesome! I loved the 'owl portrait' and the little mini robots. And the squirrels! I loved everything and nothing looked impossible to do. ~Melissa

  8. very, very fun. We'll have to try to squeeze this one in. :)