October 17, 2011

Go to Your Room

Treasures. . . and trinkets. . . delightful little things. . . a small child’s room is the ultimate Curiosity Shop. . . my daughter's room is her room of course but it’s also My Happy Place, my most favorite spot in our house.

One should always have a little starlight nearby. . .

The top shelf of our bookcase is for Very Small Books, Very Special Books and Books That Once Were Mine.

I let my daughter choose any color she wanted for her room. She chose pink. I know some cringe at the thought, but I have always loved pink and I took it as a great personal challenge to find Just The Right Pink. We chose a really lovely color called ‘Primrose Petals’ from Benjamin Moore. Sort of a subtle dusty rose with lilac undertones. It’s glowy even on the grayest of days. I really do think that PINK is little girl land wrapped in marshmallow sweetness.

Children’s art is Happy Art!  I’ve GOT to get one of those oversize art folder things, right now we’re storing all large art under our bed. . .

We finally moved our bookcase out of the closet – behold the reading corner! Yep, for the past four years since we’ve been in our current house, the bookcase has been in the closet. It was moved in there initially because I was worried that my then-toddler would try to climb the thing, and I thought, what a great space saving solution! Bookcase in the closet! Well, over time as our book collection grew, it became an ever increasing test of endurance to find the book I was looking for in the dimly lit wardrobe.

My daughter didn’t believe me when I told her how good it would look when we brought it out (she hates change maybe even more than I do!), so I did it while she was at school and the whoosh of surprise that appeared on her face was SO much fun – she loved it and now can happily reach all her books. We’ve got the bookcase books, the library box, the paperback box . . . and the irony is that we’re probably going to need ANOTHER BOOKCASE IN THE CLOSET to keep up with all of our books!


  1. I love Julia's room - those curtains are delightful! Miss C. has a tiny bookcase in her room that is about to explode, it's so full of books. Board books, big picture books, little picture books, library books and even a few chapter books. She has one of those little chairs like Julia, but it's not set up in a cohesive reading corner. I pinned that last photo for future inspiration. :)

  2. what a lovely well-stocked bookcase! it looks great--I love how the corner is just overflowing with books. And good ones, too. :)


  3. Thanks ladies! Michelle: J's curtains are Ikea from a few years ago. I could go on and on and on about my great and extreme Ikea love! :) ~Melissa

  4. your daughter's room is so purdy. makes my son's look like a junk yard!

  5. Ha Ha Ha Miss B! I strategically did not take a picture of certain parts of the room. Most of the time it looks like a My Little Pony bomb exploded in there! But I must say, she's become pretty good about cleaning up her room, which involves shoving everything in a bin or in the closet, but hey it's still off the floor. :) ~Melissa

  6. That star garland is perfection! I've pinned it in the hopes I may be able to make one. I really love the curly wire. It's all in the details.

    1. Ness, I got that star garland from a site that sells vintage Christmas decorations. Sadly, I cannot for the life of me remember which site. But we do love that garland! I love it so much that it features prominently in the header for our Pink Sparkle Fun blog.