October 5, 2011

Halloween Cats

Today is Halloween Cat Book Day!

Do you think we should dress up Sally as a Halloween cat? She love loves hanging out with Julia on her bed, which is very sweet, but whenever I see her on the bed all I can think is, Oh HELLO future allergies!

I had the realization that I’m never going to be able to cover all that I want to show you if I don’t throw a bunch of books together. . . so let’s take a peeky at some cheeky kitties!

‘Jenny’s Moonlight Adventure’ by Esther Averill is one of a series. Love the art deco art style! Just the right amount of text/story for where 5 1/2 year old Julia is at right now. Will Jenny save the Cat Club’s Halloween celebration by rescuing her cat friend’s prized nose flute? (That’s right. Nose flute.) Answer: yes.

Julia adores ‘Cat Nights’ by Jane Manning, which we got last year. Did you know that a witch can only change into a cat 9 times before she remains a cat forever? Felicity the witch really loves being a cat! Cliffhanger: Will she decide to change for the 9th time? (Spoiler alert: Felicity REALLY loves being a cat!!)

Just recently read the classic ‘Millions of Cats’ by Wanda Gag! The black and white art reminds me of Lois Lenski. Such a fun tale about the issue of Too Many Kitties.

I’ve got another great cat book for you, but I really have to do that one by itself. GAAAH! So much awesome Halloween material! So little time!


  1. Hi Melissa! I just found your awesome blog, and I love it!
    You just got a new follower! ;)


  2. Thank you so much Laura! So happy that you like our little corner of book reading fun :) Come see us again soon! ~Melissa