October 11, 2011

Magic Wands

Look what we did! We made magic wands! And it was So Extremely Easy and Very Much Fun and they turned out Super CUTE!

So, here are the materials we used:

We found a few sticks laying around outside; I broke a few to make them the size that I wanted – you know, magic wand size. I tried to find ones that weren’t too poky.

I made a trip to the craft store, which I don’t do often because that place scares me and I don’t know where anything is. But we got feathers, sequins and tiny pom-poms. (Note: There was an even tinier size of pom-pom; I should have gone for that size, they would have stuck onto the wands better but I was worried they would be too small for my kiddo to use. GET THE TINY POM-POMS!)

My camera is LAME so I apologize for the lack of extreme focus here, but what I was attempting to show is that we covered the end of the stick with Japanese deco tape – any kind of tape would do, or fabric, just to make sure no pokies.

Then we started in! Here’s how it went down: a line of glue down the wand, then feathers, then more dabs of glue, then sequins atop the glue blobs, and then more small lines of glue (Note: we ran out of glue.) and then glitter on top of that.

You know, I think ANYTHING would look good if you poured glitter and sequins on it. I think they should be mandatory materials for any craft. Whatcha making? Who knows? Does it have glitter and sequins? Then you’re all good!

And looky at these little beauties – aren’t they sparkletastic?

We are now ready to go forth and do some magic spells! My first spell will be to make the candy corn bag I just bought DISAPPEAR. And what’s awesome is that I won’t need a magic wand to do it, ha ha.

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