October 13, 2011

Monster Mash Up

Is it time to get monstrous? I have to tell you that about 6 months ago I got the Monster Doodles activity card set down below for Julia and I’ve been saving them until now. She hasn’t stopped drawing on these babies since she got ‘em a week ago. She absolutely adores these cards and will sit for an hour at a time (that’s a big deal for Julia!) creating her own monster creations, which can then be wiped away and used again. There tons of cards in the pack; they would be super fun at a Monster themed birthday celebration or Halloween party!

Monster Hands Temporary Tattoos, $7.01.

Monsters Book of Stickers, $6.

Monster Doodles Usborne Activity Cards, $9.99.

(Julia’s Monster Creation Station, aka Our Dining Table.)

Make Your Own Monster Doll Kit, $9.56.

The poor little monster in ‘The Monster Who Ate Darkness’ is HUNGRY. He eats and eats and gets ever bigger. He even starts to eat darkness, as you can see from the title. But what he really wants is LOVE. Aw! Don’t we all? When he finally gets some affection from a kind little boy, the monster’s ravenous appetite is sated and he shrinks down to cuddle-size. P.S. Author Joyce Dunbar is children’s book author/illustrator Polly Dunbar’s mom!

‘Monsters Eat Whiny Children’ by Bruce Eric Kaplan. HILARIOUS, not scary! Very Roald Dahl-esque. Julia thinks it is FUN-NAY. Rundown: some silly monsters spend a lot of time figuring out what culinary creation to make with the whiny children they have caught (Vindaloo? Cucumber sandwiches?), only to have said whiny children get bored and climb out the window to go home. Julia wants to try vindaloo now.

Got any Monstery favorite books or games? Any of your kiddos dressing up as monsters this year?


  1. Those monster cards look cool and I want to read the monsters eat whiny children book! Looks just my style. :)


  2. Hey Vanessa, there are also Usborne Christmas Doodles, you can get them on Amazon -- I went ahead and got some for J b/c she 's gotten such a bang from the Monster cards :) So the writer/artist used to be/or is a cartoonist for the New Yorker and also used to write for Seinfeld and Six Feet Under. Really interesting art style to the book! ~Melissa