October 3, 2011

Owls Owls Everywhere

Have you all read ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell? Such a fun story for the preschool and toddler set about three owl siblings who are impatiently waiting for their Mama to fly home. It was one of Julia’s favorite books when she was three.

Once when I was growing up on Maui, I saw a Hawaiian owl, the pueo, flying at night. They are endangered and very rarely seen. In Hawaiian culture, pueo are considered to be among the animals who serve as aumakua, which are protective ancestor spirits. It’s thought very lucky to see one, and in the whole of my life living in Hawaii, I only saw one once.

You can find more kid friendly information about the Hawaiian owl here.

I’ve put together a gathering of feathered owly friends for you today and I’m wondering, what makes owls seem so seasonally appropriate for this time of year? We recently saw a bird exhibition at the zoo, and the snowy white barn owl was SO BEAUTIFUL! My favorites from this round-up are the owl blocks and the mobile. How about you?

1) ‘In My Tree’ by Sara Gillingham, $8.99; 2) Owl Mobile, $49.98; 3) Forest Friends Block Puzzle, $14.98; 4) Owl Snuggle, $32.98; 5) Embroidered Owl Plush, $65; 6) Owl Apron Knot Dress, $40; 7) Night Owl Lamp, $59.98; 8) Hoot Owl Hoot! Game, $14.98; 9) Child’s Owl Mask, $10.


  1. Isn't it true there are owls everywhere? I bought an owl picture and stuffed animal for the babies room. Also, Pottery Barn Kids has owl bookends. They are so cute. I am also tempted to buy these wall stickers for the babies room: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003NGTNFG/ref=ox_sc_act_title_4?ie=UTF8&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER

  2. Those are cutie cute cute Gretchen!! Can't wait to see the room! xo, Melissa

  3. You know, I only saw a pueo twice on Maui. I remember both sitings very vividly, though. We all stopped what we were doing and watched in silence.

    On another note, have you read "Little White Owl" by Tracey Corderoy? Cute story about a white owl who wins over some snooty colorful owls with his storytelling and vivid imagination. He's a cheerful little character that Brynly adores. Wyatt's favorite was "Good-Night Owl!" by Pat Hutchins. He loved making all the bird/animal noises that keep Owl awake.

  4. I know 'Good Night Owl' but not the Tracey Corderoy one you mentioned, Laura! I want to see that one, that sounds so cute! Oh and I can't believe I didn't mention my all time fav Owl book: 'Owl at Home' by Arnold Lobel. I'll put it on this week's Cool List. :) ~Melissa

  5. I want to know which PR firm the owl conglomerate hired, because they have made a serious comeback in the past couple of years! Owls are on everything. (Though, I can't see I've seen owl macrame in a long time.)

    It'd be neat if real owls could get a cut of the action ...

  6. Grandma Sue10/3/11, 9:55 PM

    Ooh, I love Owl Babies!!

  7. It must be a great PR firm Sarah!! :) And I'm with ya, G-ma -- it's just the sweetest little story! ~Melissa