October 18, 2011

Tiny Tot Tuesday: Lots of Teeny Halloweenies

This time of year is My Very Most Favorite. I would love Autumn unreservedly, 100%, with ALL of my heart except that Fall means that winter is also coming. Winter is Not My Very Most Favorite.

I’m not a fan of winter. Winter in the Pac Northwest is TERRIBLE, I just have to get this vent out right now. Grey, rainy cold that gets into your bones and does not go away. Actually, I just realized that y’all in Blogland haven’t had the joy of spending a winter season with me yet. Oh boy, what fun for you! You get to hear me moan, whine and complain about the weather for the next 6 months. Maybe longer! Doesn’t that sound SUPER AWESOME?

But I digress. I digress about the weather a LOT. You can check out this post for more of my thoughts on the weather.

There’s nothing more fun than a bag and piles ‘o leaves when you’re a toddler. Or when you’re *cough*, a lot older than a toddler. See this last shot of Julia shouting with glee about her leaves? Or is she singing with glee? Hard to say. I just realized that I have a LOT of pictures of Julia looking just like this. Miss J has spent most her childhood thus far with this expression on her face ‘cuz girlfriend likes to talk, and sing, and shout pretty much 99.9% of her waking moments. Make that 99.999999%.

When Julia was about 7 months old, my aunt gave her ‘Where Is Baby’s Pumpkin’ by Karen Katz. Not only was this Julia’s favorite Halloween story for at least three years, it was her favorite BOOK for ages. Oh she just loooooved it! It is seriously adorable my friends, and is the perfect introduction to The Holiday of Candy, oops I mean Halloween.

Baby finds her pumpkin on her front doorstep finally after also finding some candy apples, friendly ghosts, a cute kitten and the aforementioned happy bats. This is a lift-the-flap book and Julia just was beside herself with glee when the ‘surprise’ was revealed behind each flap. At one point long after her first Halloween was over, the book got wet and some of the pages were ruined – we had to get another copy of the book because she loved it so much!

More cuteness for a toddler sized Halloween:

‘Corduroy’s Best Halloween Ever’ is adorable and everything caramel apple sweet that there can possibly be about Halloween and the world’s cutest teddy bear in a pumpkin patch!

Also, when Julia was still living in Toddler Land, she loved ‘Happy Halloween!’ about the Teeny Halloweenies.

The illustrations are so vintagey charming! Looking at this makes me want to dive head first into a bucket of candy corn. Sigh. I KNOW that would be wrong, you don’t have to tell me.

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