October 4, 2011

Tiny Tot Tuesday: Pumpkin Moonshine

I just got my hands on a Tasha Tudor book I’ve been hankering over for ages. I’m kicking myself that it took me so long to get it because the text is a little too simple for Julia, but she still really liked it and it will be a good one for her to practice her just-beginning-to-read skills.

Or should I say SKILZ. Because it’s more fun that way. Sigh. Apparently it’s going to be one of those days where I write all CRAY-ZAY. Maybe I’ve had too much PUMPKIN MOONSHINE!! (Get it???? Oh wow. It really IS one of those days!)

I’m OBSESSED with Tasha Tudor. I’m trying to collect all of her works, the way I am trying to collect all the works of Gyo Fujikawa. Tasha’s art, her enchanting tales of old fashioned life in New England. . . I just can’t get enough! She’s an American Lit Legend. I’ve asked my husband to give me the Tasha Tudor cookbook for Christmas, I hope he delivers! (He says I need to remind him. IS INTERNET SHOUTING ENOUGH OF A REMINDER?)

Love love this sweet sweet book.

So darling!! It’s all about little Sylvie finding the perfect Halloween pumpkin, only to have it roll away from her, escape down a hill and cause great havoc in the barnyard. Then her ‘grandpawp’ helps her to scoop it out and create the perfect ‘Pumpkin Moonshine’ for Halloween night. Julia was very fascinated by this wording. “What’s a pumpkin moonshine? Isn’t it just a pumpkin?”

I think we all need start calling our pumpkins PUMPKIN MOONSHINES, don’t you? And does anyone have a recipe? Tee hee.


  1. love love love pumpkin moonshine!

  2. I did a little wee Happy Dance when it arrived in the Amazon box. I like to pet the book. :) ~Melissa

  3. You're killing me!! I just added a bunch of these to Ryan's wishlist for the holidays! LOVE!

  4. Ha ha ha!! There's NO resisting the Tasha!! Oh Miss K, I must mention that if you click thru on my link that I provided and choose to order a book -- as an Amazon affiliate, I'll get a teensy (very teensy) kickback. Just sayin. I'd love to get my 30 cents and I'd love for you to get that book! Tee hee :) ~Melissa