November 14, 2011

Advent Adventure

Ok my friends, I promised you cozy last week and we’re definitely going to get our cozy on really soon. How does tomorrow sound? And I also know that it’s Not Christmas yet. But advent calendars need to begin on December 1, so if I’m going talk advent calendars with you, it needs to be now-ish. So I am totally justified in getting a little Christmasy! Right?

I LOVE advent calendars! LOOOOOVE them. So fun. So cute. Who doesn’t adore all those teeny tiny windows? Now, I am firmly in the camp of those windows having chocolate inside of them, but if the thought of daily sugar nuggets on top of the holiday treat load descending on your kidlets fills you with horror, I’ve got many cute calendars to show you that are chocolate-free.


By far, I think Magic Cabin has the cutest and most unusual advent calendars. I’ve never seen ones as special as the calendars they carry! And I am so sorry that the Advent Calendar with Christmas Scene above is apparently not available right now. It was in just a couple of days ago! I am showing this one anyway because it’s amazing and I’m hoping it will come back in stock before December.

I mentioned the little house calendar in this Cool List, but I have to actually show it to you. Fabulously darling! Fairy Tale House Advent Calendar, $14.98.

I’ve never seen one with these multi-cultural children before! Adore. Global Christmas Advent Calendar, $5.98.

This little calendar can be mailed! I am passionately in love with the art here. Mailable Mushroom Advent Calendar, $2.99 (sale!).

Now THIS is how I like my advent calendars. We’re all about the chocolate around here. Heilemann Confiserie® Snow Scene Advent Calendar, $19.98.

Adventskalender German Chocolate Advent Calendar, $24.99.

Prefer the permanent variety? I don’t love most of the wooden ones I see, strangely, but I really like this Christmas house quite a bit! Santa in the Attic Advent Calendar, $109.

This Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar, $9.95, from Blueberry Forest is stunning and could be kept as mantel décor, even after being used. Lovely, this one.

This Little Angels Advent Calendar, 4.95, just might be my favorite.

Look at this one! This looks like it should be in a Christmas book! Santa’s Christmas Toys Train Advent Calendar, $4.95.

I love how the pictures in the windows complete the scene in this Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar, $8.95.

Fancy a pop-up? Fancy an Eric Carle-inspired design? Fancy a tree you can decorate up until Christmas? Eric Carle’s Dream Snow Pop-Up Advent Calendar, $8.79.

Folks, I could go on all day with the advent calendars, but I think that gives you a good clue as to the beauty that’s out there. It slays me about that first one because honestly, that’s the one I really wanted.

I might go for this one from Cost Plus World Market, a.k.a. My Secret Holiday Shopping Source. There’s a store right down the street from me! But I think we all know that the calendar I should be getting is this one. Julia probably would love this one. (As if. Did you see the price??)

P.S. I announced our giveaway winner in the mini-post previous to this one. Congrats Jill!


  1. Not to sound like I'm bragging or was super-spoiled, but I think I may have had one of the best advent calendars ever growing up. It was a hand embroidered wall hanging of a Christmas tree with an ornament for each day of advent. Each ornament had a hook and every morning, I'd wake up to find a little sack hanging from that day's ornament with a toy or small gift "the elves" had left for me. It was pretty great :)

  2. I need to get some advent calendars--trader joes usually has the ones with the chocolates inside....:)

  3. Vanessa: We totally got our advent calendar from TJ's last year! I've been alternating between them and Cost Plus World Market. Maybe next year I'll spring for a fancier one when J is old enough to really remember it :) We also have a little advent wood chest that G-Ma gave us that has tiny ornaments in it that we put on a mini tree. :)
    Miss B: My husband's cousin could put Martha Stewart to shame and a couple yrs back she made her kids the most gorgeous hand-made wall hanging advent calendar with felt crafted appliques on the pockets! The one you had sounds very reminiscent of hers! ~Melissa