November 30, 2011

Antique Christmas

Do you remember our Vintage Halloween? Well now it’s time for an antique Christmas! The Victorian whimsy shop over at D. Blumchen & Company have so many old fashioned decorations, cards and ornaments filled with vintage charm, I promise you that once you peruse their site, you’ll be looking to don your finest petticoat and drink a cup of wassail. No petticoat? Well, that’s ok. I don’t have one either. Anymore. I had one once. And yes, I’m still embarrassed. But we can still go a-wassailing -- I’ll lay my wassail recipe on you in a later post!

Santa’s Favorite Christmas Candies Deluxe Glass Chain, $145.

Merrie Santa Figurals Assortment, $14.95.

Tiny Treats – Mini Figurals (set of 6), $21.

Snowy Landscape Drops, $22.

Filigree Tinsel Comets, Silver plated, $21.50.

Christmas Past Greeting Cards, $21.95.

‘Santa Claus and His Works’, $4.50.
This nice little story for girls and boys,
is all about Santa Claus, Christmas,
and toys. So listen my children, to
what you shall hear, for I know,
to each little one, Santa is dear.”

Filigree Tinsel Icicles, Pink & Silver, $10.50 (small), $14.50 (large).

Christmas Snowflake – Aqua Angel, $25.

So which one is your favorite? For me, THE GARLAND. Oh I love it so. But not at that price. I also adore the look of the picture book -- So enchanting!

(Update: I got the picture book! By lucky chance, I found it in a toy shop the other day! It is ADORABLE, tells all about how Santa does his job. Fabulous vintagey pictures! A thin little paperback, big on charm.)


  1. I absolutely love the glass candy chain. Gorgeous! Although, even if I had the money for it I'd probably have to wait a few years before putting something like that on my tree... it's crazy town here with my little guys! ;)

  2. Love the angel ornament! I guess we'll break down and have a Hannakah bush this year.

  3. Oh Michelle, I know right? That price! Dang! And while Julia would leave it alone, my kitties would probably NOT. :)

    Tats: Hannukah Bush!! You should!! That would be so cute! I love that angel too, and also the pink and silver icicles...I love it all.... ~Melissa

  4. Oh my gosh... that glass candy chain is *gorgeous*! That would soooo be broken in minutes at my house. Maybe when I'm old(er) and the kids are gone and there are no more big dogs.... :)

  5. Isn't is just divine Luana? I love it soooo much! I think if I had that I would just pet it all day, or drape it around my neck... :) ~Melissa