November 23, 2011

Charmed I’m Sure

I was over at the Anthropologie site the other day, oohing and aahing as I so often do, when I saw their new build-it-yourself charm bracelets and necklaces. I think I literally went, “OOOH!”. Do the appeal of charm bracelets ever wane? I think not, and obviously Anthro agrees with me. Anthro ALWAYS agrees with me. I always agree with Anthro. It’s such a perfect relationship!

You know my theory, right? Wizard masterminds of cute and cozy are running Anthropologie. I want to show you some of my favorites from the collection and then I’ve got some really darling little girl charms to show you! I never had a charm bracelet when I was young so I think I’m still working out my fascination with them. . .

1) Owl Collector’s Charm, $18. 2) Turquoise Bird Collector’s Charm, $15. 3) Envelope Collector’s Charm, $18. 4) The Collector’s Bracelet, $28. 5) Gem Jar Collector’s Charm, $15. 6) Citrine Drop Collector’s Charm, $15.

7) Djeco Summer Garden Jewelry Set, $19.75. 8) Djeco Poetic Birds Jewelry, $19.75. 9) Girls Essential Charm Bracelet, $19. 10) Dumpling Dynasty Tokyo Belle Jewelry Set, $18.95.

So what do you think? Would you wear a charm bracelet as an adult? The charms in the Anthro DIY Charms Shop can also be designed to be worn as charm necklaces. I think I would want most of the little girl sets just because of the darling boxes alone!

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