November 18, 2011

Cinnamon Bear

Double posting today due to cool news! I apologize for not getting this information to you a bit sooner – my sweet friend Laura (Family feature on her and her darling kiddos coming soon!) told me about it several days ago and I am just now getting my booty in action about it.

So Cinnamon Bear! Have you heard about this? I had NEVER heard about it, I am so grateful to my friend for letting me know about this audio CD. . .

. . .which is available to buy as a 7 hour CD set ($20) or one can download the audio program series directly from your computer.

Here’s what Laura told me about it; as soon as I read what she wrote me and saw the website, I was SOLD.
"Have you ever listened to The Cinnamon Bear? It's a tradition in our family, and my kids have now adopted it as their tradition. You start listening to the "episodes" the day after Thanksgiving and if you play one episode a night (like they did back in the 30s), then it ends on Christmas Eve. I love this and can't promote it enough. We get the kids all dressed for bed and then sit around the stereo and listen as a family. It's really cute. I was just thinking that if you don't already know about it, you need to as it is right up your alley!"

Over at the Radio Archives website, a quick rundown on the storyline is given:
“Twins Judy and Jimmy Barton crawled into their attic one December day and found a passageway to a place called Maybeland. They looked in all the dusty corners for any sign of the silver star that always sat atop their Christmas tree. Their search crossed the path of little Paddy O'Cinnamon, "The Cinnamon Bear," who had shoe-button eyes and a ferocious growl. He showed them a small hole through which the Crazy Quilt dragon had absconded with their star and invited Judy and Jimmy to pursue the rascal. Paddy would function as a guide and they'd chase the dragon throughout Maybeland. Paddy magically "de-grew" the twins so they'd fit through the attic tunnel, fired up a miniature airplane powered by soda pop, and flew the Barton kids into a startling and wondrous adventure.
So begins "The Cinnamon Bear," a delightful, one-of-a-kind children's series produced in 1937 by TRANSCO, the Transcription Company of America. Intended to be heard between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the series features twenty-six fifteen-minute cliffhanger installments. The program immediately hooks children because suspenseful fun is always present as each episode concludes with yet another obstacle for Paddy and the twins to overcome. The dragon eventually joins up with the trio but remains unpredictable and mischievous. Named "Crazy Quilt," he succumbs time and time again to his obsession with the shiny silver star.”

You can read more about the program, and find out the complete history about the original radio series, as well as ordering info at:

I just ordered my copy! I was going to simply download it but then I thought, well gathering around the computer might not be the coziest thing ever. . .

It sounds simply enchanting and I can’t wait to get started listening to it with Julia the day after Thanksgiving! If it doesn’t arrive in time, we’ll have a few power sessions until we’re caught up enough to go to a daily schedule leading up to Christmas. So excited -- Thank you to my friend Laura!!


  1. Okay, my hubby loved this, too. Ordering now!

  2. So cool Kristin! My friend who suggested this just can't say enough good things about it! They are super quick too -- I ordered today and I got an email less than 2 hrs later saying my order had been shipped! ~Melissa

  3. Sounds like a fun tradition! I'm going to check it out!

  4. Oh what joy, Melisa! I love coming over here. My home is essentially a child-inspired place to be and any reference such as The Cinnamon Bear is bound to be taken seriously. I shall look it up and order it. It is doubly good as, since French is my children's first language, I like to inspire them with books and CDs in English.

    How will you be spending Thanksgiving? Thinking of you....


  5. You should Gretchen! :)

    Miss Stephanie, you are a ray of sunshine, truly you are! Thanks for your always kind words :) Our kids can all listen to the story this holiday season -- we can compare notes! Thanksgiving will be with my family this year -- the weather is promising lots and lots of RAIN and WIND -- we'll be trying to remain extra cozy! ~Melissa