November 4, 2011

Cool Stuff I Like

Oh Anthropologie. Why must you break my heart? Why must everything in you be so lovely? And why must it all be so expensive? I simply could not believe the amazingness of this Enchanted Forest Jigsaw Puzzle when I happened upon it online. Look closely at those pieces! Some are shaped like birds, little people, butterflies. . .incredible.

Happy November! So, Julia has been wearing her holiday pajamas and we’ve been discussing Santa nonstop and we’ve listened to Christmas songs the past few days. IT IS SO WRONG. I’m not sure how this happened. I blame it on my slight cold. TOO EARLY! I’m going to try mightily to rein her in and put this all off until December. Maybe I should put our Halloween decorations back up...

I saw some Really, Truly, Incredibly COOL STUFF this week:

The Alphabet Animal Flashcards from Anthro are more reasonable. Really cute.

OK. I KNOW IT’S NOT DECEMBER. But look at this Fairy Tale House Advent Calendar!

Coolest Birthday Party ever. COOLEST. I am so doing this for Julia someday, and if she doesn’t want to, I’ll throw it for myself.

Want to have a Thanksgiving-esque dinner early? I made this and we all LOVED it.

My popcorn obsession continues. How about Maple-Butter Spiced Popcorn?

This lesson about bullying needs to be passed around.

I don’t know what to read now that I’m done with ‘The Night Circus’. Maybe this one?

This toy company has really darling puzzles, games, crafts for kids!

Cool Book of the Week: ‘Owl at Home’ by the genius Arnold Lobel. One of our all time favorites. I love the chapter on Tear-Drop Tea; Julia loves the one where Owl runs upstairs and downstairs all night, trying to be in both places at once.

Have a great first November weekend! Is anyone else really wishing this month would fly by so we can get into some serious Christmas biz? I’m both excited and terrified that the holiday season is Officially Here.



  1. That puzzle is INCREDIBLE! I'm so not ready for Christmas. I've always loved the Christmas season, but it has felt so overwhelming these last few years. The kids get so strung out with the many days of - and sheer number of - gifts and traveling to see people. My Christmas wish would be for a quiet Christmas, with fewer gifts and more time just spent hanging out at home. :)

  2. I am TOTALLY with you Michelle!!! xo, Melissa

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  4. Thank you for coming to visit us Carmela, I appreciate it a whole bunch!! :) ~Melissa