November 16, 2011

How To Be Cozy

Friends, I pretty much spend the great majority of my life trying to be cozy, or get cozy, or seeking out things that will make me feel cozier. I didn’t go through a nesting phase during my pregnancy because my whole life is spent nesting! I’m a total homebody and I love things that help turn my living environment into a cocoon of snug.

Also, I think if one is legitimately trying to live life in pursuit of cozification, the first thing to do is to adopt the British way of spelling the term: COSY. Now doesn’t that just look more cozy? Let’s peek at them side by side shall we?


Cosy is cosier. The Brits got it right.

Now that we’ve got that figured out, I want to share with you a few things that I think would make everyone feel cozier during this most snuggly time of year! And feel free to consider this Melissa’s Gift Guide #1. More are coming!

1) Girls’ Coat Kitten Pajama Set, 17.99. 2) Donna Hay’s Vanilla Porridge with Honeyed Apples. 3) Candy Bar Soap in Spiced Milk & Honey, $8. 4)‘Comfort Food’ by Maxine Clark, $4. 5) Mariebelle Milk Hot Chocolate with Hazelnut, $12.

6) Flannel Sleep Pants, $39.95. 7) Winter Sips Candle, $18. 8) Alpine Fair Isle Turtleneck Sweater, $88. 9) Papaver Breakfast Mug, $12. 10) Russian Morning Kusmi Tea, $13.50. 11) ‘September’ by Rosamund Pilcher.

A note about Kusmi tea. Best tea ever. End of note.

A note about the book ‘September’. If you love all things English and autumnal, you need this book yesterday. I’ve read it about fifteen times. I basically read it every year.

A note about the little girl PJ’s from Target. Julia has them and she comes home from school and IMMEDIATELY puts them on. EVERYDAY. She looooves them!

Re Mariebelle Hot Chocolate. It will make your life. Just sayin’.

Re Anthropologie. Apparently that store is under the control of cozy masterminds.

And please oh please, if you know of a fab cozy item, you MUST share!

(Image Credit for Hot Chocolate picture: moonlightbulb’s Flikr photostream)


  1. Do you have photo shop? HOw did you make those fun numbered image collages? I love it. ;)

  2. Yes ma'am -- But I suck at it and require lots of help from my tech support, aka Andrew the husband. He's a video game programmer so he's been most helpful in helping me with computery stuff. What I want to figure out is, how can I set up my comments section so that links will show up as links? I'm thinking I'm going to need an external plug-in, or some other kind of comment system :) ~Melissa

  3. If only I could figure out a job that allowed me to wear pajamas all day. I love being cozy and wrapping blankets around me. It was hard to do that the last two years in San Diego (it just doesn't get cold enough), but this year on the East Coast will definitely demand that. I so need to pick up some of that hot cocoa to help.

  4. Brandi, not long ago I had this fantasy for creating a line clothing called "Jammy Wear" -- clothes that you could sleep in and then just keep on wearing! My husband informed me that 'Star Trek' already beat me to the punch... ~Melissa