November 22, 2011

I Like You

Julia’s besty is the darling Ryan, who has been her main gal pal since their preschool days. Now that they are kindergarteners, I can refer to preschool as the ‘old days’. I actually still know many of my friends that I’ve known since age 5! I’ll be so curious to see if Julia and Ryan will keep in touch with each other as adults and look back on these photos, laughing at their adorableness. (Or if they’ll want to slap me on the head for talking about them. . .)

Two very different, but equally darling Thanksgiving turkey masks. Looking for something to do on T-Day to occupy the kiddos? Easiest craft ever. Paper plates. Glue. Feathers, both of the real and cut-out variety. Cuteness results. I have no idea what kind of moment was transpiring here.

But the moment turned into an I-Can-Out-Silly-You contest. Everyone’s a winner in the I-Can-Out-Silly-You contest!

‘I Like You’, by Sandol Stoddard Warburg and Jacqueline Chwast pretty much nails friendship on its head. This is my favorite part:

“I like you because if I think I am going to throw up then you are really sorry, you don’t just pretend you are busy looking at the birdies and all that. You say maybe it was something you ate. You say the same thing happened to me one time. And the same thing did.”

A real friend is someone who empathizes when you barf, looks for clovers with you, laughs at your funnies, and likes you even if they can’t remember why.

Does anyone still keep up with their preschool or kindergarten buddies? Like I said, I am still in contact with several of mine! It’s amazing to look back and realize how much time has gone by. And by amazing, I mean, horrifically scary.


  1. My best girlfriend and I have been friends since we were both nerdy new kids in 6th grade. I'm with you - it is truly scary how long it's been! LOL

  2. Oh that is so sweet Michelle! One of my super good friends I've known since the 7th grade -- we live in different states but try to visit every yr or every other yr -- now our daughters are long distance pals! ~Melissa

  3. Absolutely! I met my best friend at the end of primary school and now three and a half decades later (oh my goodness, I turned one year older today AGAIN)we still tell each other absolutely everything despite the fact we have very different lives - she has opted for no children, I have three - and she sends me goofy birthday cards. The best thing about our friendship is that even when we are troubled or low we always manage to laugh and cheer each other up.

    I love her to bits.

  4. I did see this post back then, whit sent me over when she saw it. We love this book and since I knew you knew... I figured you'd catch the reference! And I do have to say every post i've read in which Andrew is involved has been super hilarious to me. You guys are great! (also when I'm blogging and thinking i'm being funny I hope I come across as half as fun and quirky and wonderful as you do- though I probably just come across as strange... thats okay too) also quirky is meant as a compliment!