November 29, 2011

Lights In a Jar

I’m honestly not sure where online I first became aware of the world of awesome that is Lights in a Jar. It think it might have been from the most hilarious design blog in the universe, My Favorite and My Best. All I know is, lights-in-a-jar CHANGED MY LIFE. This is not exaggeration my friends. I’m from Hawaii. In Hawaii there is light. A lot of light. In the Pacific Northwest, there is a distinct lack of light. And it bums me out. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see these cheery, glowy lights in my kitchen! Last year I had them up until the end of February. Yessiree I did.

I’ve seen some tutorials that will tell you how to get a special drill to make a hole in your jar so as to more cleverly conceal the cord. I will never do this. I just put my jar next to a light socket and led the cord up and over the lip of the jar and into the socket. It looks just fine!

Lights in a jar baby. I will NEVER spend another holiday without them!


  1. i DO have my LIJ up! i am going to reveal the house decorations in about a week or so...
    your LIJ looks awesome!

  2. LIJ -- love it! Can't wait to see yours Miss Jenny -- next year I might branch out and do MORE, a pink one, a green one, a white one....Oh the fun is endless....:) ~Melissa

  3. Awesome Julia!
    One of those things that instantly make a difference in a home - a relaxed and fun difference.
    Have to try it one day...