November 21, 2011

A Turkey of a Tutorial

Ok friends, bear with me here. I called this post a turkey not just to be tongue in cheek, but because I really have no idea how to clearly articulate how we made this little turkey fellow. We’ve had him a couple of years now. Mr. Turkey was created in a toddler art class (they expected toddlers to make this??) at our local Parks & Recreation community center when Julia was 3, I believe. We looooove our turkey! He is our centerpiece as you can see.

So let’s attempt to figure out how this guy was made. I was barely paying attention the first time around; I think the art instructor pretty much made him for us. Um, I think you start with a grocery bag turned inside out. You stuff him with rolled up paper towels or newspaper. The you staple the open portion of the bag shut, thus creating his little turkey backside. Turkey booty?

(Note the helpful arrow pointing out where the turkey feathers should go.)

Then, uh, let’s see. You cut out turkey “feathers” from construction paper and glue them on his booty. That’s a fine looking booty you have there Mr. Turkey! Feel free to create a drinking game out of how many times the word booty is used in this post. No, I myself have NOT been drinking, although one would never know it judging from how far down the ‘humor’ of my writing has degenerated.

Ok this is a bit hard to see, but can you see how his head is made and inserted? You take a smaller paper bag and stuff that. Then you twist the bottom of the bag, thus creating his ‘neck’. Cut a slit inside the bigger “turkey body” bag and shove the neck in. Can you see how this was done? Does any of this make sense? Doesn’t this all seem terribly violent for poor Mr. Turkey?

The you glue feathers all over his body and get yourself some googly eyes (or just draw them on) and cut out and paste or draw a little waddle and beak on him and voila, you’ve got yo-self the most amazing turkey centerpiece in town.

And oh dear, look at that. One of the feathers on his booty is droopy. Gave ya a freebie there! Is it time for a hot toddy yet? Oh how I love this time of year!


  1. Cute!! We'll try it.

  2. Hey babygirl! You figured out how to comment, I see :) Y'all should try it -- who wouldn't have fun stuffing a paper bag turkey???? xoxoxo, M

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    1. After re-reading this post, it's clear I must have been under the influence of xtreme.....something.