December 29, 2011

2012 Calendars of Coolness

I adore calendars. And I haven’t chosen my personal calendar yet! I could easily have one in every room. For years, every member of my family knew to expect a calendar from me at Christmas. I’ve fallen away from this tradition somewhat, but my great love for calendars continues. There are various customs involving the New Year and calendars, which I find fun and fascinating. Many cultures dictate that it’s bad luck to hang a new calendar on the wall before the new year begins. (So don’t do that, ‘kay?)

2012 Animal Deco Calendar, $17.50.

Happy Teatime Calendar 2012, $23.50.

The Collectible Teapot & Tea Calendar for 2012, $10.39. (I promise that all of these won’t be about tea.)

2012 Paper Source Kraft Grid Calendar, $19.95.

2012 Calendar Kokeshi Garden Wall Calendar, $20.

2012 Calendar Eye Poetry, $24.

Mademoiselle Yo 2012 Wall Calendar, $15.

House & Garden 2012 Vintage Calendar, $18.95.

Rackham’s Fairy Tales 2012 Calendar, $13.95.

Richard Scarry’s Busytown 17 Month Calendar/Planner, $10.94.

Moomin Calendar 2012 from Tove Jansson Illustrations, $26.

2012 Birds & Blooms Calendar, $15.95.

I have a sister-in-law who takes the most beautiful outdoor nature shots, I’m patiently waiting for her to make me a calendar! (HINT.) My dad, aka Mr. Underwater Photography Man, has already made a mini-desk calendar. I so wish he’d get on with mass producing them, so that I could sell his calendars on the blog and then CHARGE A WEE COMMISSION. (Joking.) (Not joking.)

This last calendar (the Birds & Blooms) that you see is one I gave to my father’s fiancee this holiday season. I hope she likes it! They are waiting until New Year’s to open their gifts. I’m seriously torn between the Busytown and the Moomin calendars for Julia; I know she’d flip over either one. If you know of any beauties, please share!

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