December 16, 2011

Anniversary! And Game Cool Stuff I Like

Seven years ago this week I married the best guy I’ve ever met – he puts up with all my nonsense, makes me laugh until I am rolling on the ground gasping for air, watches most of the inane programs that I do without complaining (too loudly) and shares my great love for the ridiculous AND tea! We had a very Christmasy wedding (see above) and I’m so happy to report that we’re planning on continuing with more tea drinking and scary show watching until we are old and toothless.

Andrew is always threatening to start up his own blog wherein he will provide a running commentary on all the things I say on THIS blog. Go for it man. I triple dare ya. I think he’s going to settle instead for making his witty-in-his-own-mind bon mots in our home office. (Actually they really are super funny.)

Let’s get our GAMES/CRAFTS/PUZZLES on this week in more holiday Mega COOL STUFF list biz!

I can’t pass up a reminder about Crazy Cats. Perfect for stockings! My review here.

Best game for tiny tots. Julia still enjoys it a ton.

Mystery Garden is super duper fun. Mom-in-law scored it second-hand and we love it!

This game is going in Julia’s stocking. Shhhh. (I’ve looked until I was blue to find it online besides in the UK. I found ours in a local toy shop. You might try asking in your local toy store.)

Cooperative games have no winners/losers. Good for the easily frustrated. Max = fun.

Little Clay Superheros kit! CUTE.

This 1001 Nights Discovery Puzzle is GORGEOUS.

Ditto this Wild Stitching Cards Workshop set.

Elves Stamping Set.


Perfect puzzle for the teeny tiny puzzler.

Sequence looks like it might not be fun, but IT IS TOTALLY FUN.

Want a beautiful fairy game? Sure you do! I’m doing a whole post on it, it’s so rad.

You might notice a theme in my game/craft choices. BY FAR my fav games and craft kits are from Djeco, Ravensburger and Haba. Oh and Eeboo.

Cool Book of the Week: ‘Ollie’s Ski Trip’ by Elsa Beskow. I ADORE Elsa books. I placed an order for this at the library but then found it used in a half-price bookstore. I’m collecting her works so I went for it. Jack Frost, King Winter and Mrs. Thaw? HECK YES!

Happy Weekend! IT’S THE LAST WEEKEND BEFORE CHRISTMAS! Where did the time go? Where? Baking, making and wrapping is going on this weekend for us.


  1. Happy anniversary! Beautiful dress! :)

    Also, I think he should go for the blog. I'd read it.


  2. Thank you and thank you! I did really love that dress. I think people should have parties once a yr where they get to wear their wedding dresses again. :)

    Re the Andrew blog -- it would be HILARIOUS. And non-PC. I'd love it but he'd never do it! You should hear the things he tries to have me put on this blog but I would never be able to b/c I'd totally lose my one advertiser! Someday when Julia is older maybe we'll change the whole blog and make it less kid-centered and we can really let the fur fly....:) xo, Melissa

  3. I don't know how I missed this post in my reader... happy anniversary! I love your wedding photos. You were most certainly a beautiful bride! :)

  4. Thank you sweet Michelle! Glad you like the pix. I had a great time looking through all my wedding photos the other day. More than anything, I loved my veil. It made me feel so BRIDAL! I like the one of us smiling at each other b/c our smiles seem very representative of our two personalities....:)
    xo, Melissa