December 8, 2011

Celestial Things

I love stars. Remember my Starry Stargazing post? The glowy, the pretty. . . what’s not to like? I found some celestial items of cute not long ago, and then kept finding more and more until I realized I needed a whole post to discuss all the starriness.

Starry String Lights, $15- $50.

Celestial Yonder Loungers, $48.

‘Stars’ by Mary Lyn Ray, $11.55. This book is sooooo sweet! All about the way stars can be found in everyday life – in the sky, on the tip of a wand, in your pocket. I love this one.

“A star is how you know it’s almost night.

As soon as you see one, there’s another, and another.

And the dark that comes doesn’t feel so dark.

What if you could have a star?”

Stargazer Pullover Hoodie, $59.95.

Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere Wall Hanging, $70. (The same vendor also has a 2012 Constellation Wall Calendar for $25.)

‘Nora’s Stars’, by Satomi Ichikawa, begins at $8 used. I bought a used copy and it looks brand-new! This book is pure loveliness. After Nora and her magical toys scoop all the stars out of the sky and play with them, they realize that such beauty is better shared and the stars are lovingly thrown back into the night sky.

Doesn’t this time of year inspire you to have glittering fairy lights just everywhere? I’m going to wrap them in as many places as I possibly can.

(Image Credit of Pleiades star cluster:


  1. I love stars! I'm going to order both those books for Noe. And maybe the starry sting cool.

  2. I want those starry lights so bad! Gotta get myself to Restoration Hardware. They are not known for their awesome pricing but I'm thinking one strand or two won't break the bank. You and Miss Noe will loooove the books! xoxo ~Melissa