December 6, 2011


Yo peeps! I wanted to share some goodies off my Christmas Pinterest board because they are pretty and rad and I for one cannot get enough Christmas décor ideas at this time of year.

I love and adore little tabletop trees. I had a tabletop tree for YEARS pre-kiddo. I miss my tabletop tree! They are so dainty and cute! And look at the tray o’ ornaments – easiest and most high impact decorating idea ever.

I love that kitchen tree up top right, festooned with gumdrop ornaments. And I love the little tree decorated only with snowflakes – such a great idea for a kids’ tree, no? And that last one draped with ALL. THOSE. GARLANDS! More looooooove. I use about eight different garlands on my tree, and you know what? I could do MORE. I am here to tell you, no matter how many garlands you've got on your tree, you can always throw on MORE.

Can you tell I’m a wee bit into ornaments on sticks? Look at the little stick tree on the mantel! I've created my own stick tree with ornaments; I'll show you in a soon-to-come post. Look at that white stick tree!! That one is from a darling blog called Dottie Angel. And look at the little parcels hanging from painted clothes pins! How cute is that?? Do you think these people use the clothes pins as art clips when it’s not Christmas anymore? I’m fascinated by this, if you can’t tell.

Does anyone share my little table top tree obsession? What kind of tree are you having this year?

(Image credits: Pinterest)


  1. We're getting a regular douglas fir this year, which happens to be my favorite kind of Christmas tree. The only tabletop tree I love is the one my hubby had on his table when we first met (something similar to this: We still have it, but haven't put it out in a few years for fear of the little ones breaking it.

  2. That was totally cute Michelle! We're getting our tree in a couple of days, and we usually get a noble or a fraser fir. It amazes me the quality and price of the trees in the Pac NW as compared to Hawaii!! ~Melissa

  3. Our tree is up on a table every year. We have this fantastic round six sided coffee table which has a glass top... that can be removed. At christmas time we take out the glass replace it with the same shape of partical board (covered in green corduroy) The tree is perfect on top... and then there is this fabulous space directly under the tree for all of the gifts! wonderful post! thanks

  4. Thanks Robyn, so glad you liked it! I love that you do a tabletop tree -- What a clever set up!! :)~Melissa

  5. Oh how I love Christmas! I'm almost insane about it. That tray of ornaments is stunning. I found some vintage looking glass ornaments similar to those last year (post Christmas) and I'm just dying to finally use them. I'm off to peruse your Christmas board.... :)

    1. Oh fun!!! Don't feel odd or insane ;)-- I could easily celebrate Christmas ALL YEAR LONG. Every year I start earlier and earlier. We began listening to Christmas music last year even before Thanksgiving!!