December 2, 2011

Cool Stuff I Like

Hey everybody!! It’s DECEMBER!!!!! It is really, truly, legitimately, no foolin’ anymore, CHRISTMAS TIME! We’ve been listening to ‘Cinnamon Bear’, and cramming something sparkly on every flat surface we can find. Next week we’ll be getting our tree, cannot wait, cannot wait! I will try my utmost to write a sentence that does not end with an exclamation point. Nope, can’t do it! Too excited!

Holy toledo, I love everything about Christmas. What I adore most about it (versus say, Thanksgiving. Sorry T-Day.), is that there is a whole month of things to do, gifts to plan, fabulous treats to make, DECORATING – does the fun ever end? For me it ends on January 6, aka Twelfth Night. (This year I might actually make a Twelfth Night cake.) When I was seventeen, I discovered the concept of the Yule log – do any of you do this? I love that tradition! Sadly, we have a gas fireplace so I can’t do a Yule log anymore, but I love the idea of it. If you can’t tell, I’m way into Christmas, merrie-old-England style. I wonder if it was really as much fun as it seems like it was!

Got some Decemberific COOL STUFF this week:

Cadbury Snowbites!

Sparkle Snow Playdough!

Ginger Jam Bread Pudding. It’s FANTASTIC. A LOT of cream. Don’t let this stop you!

Y’all know I love Anthropologie but I don’t understand this. Do you?

I DO understand this. Really want this book!

Dragons & Chimeras. Cool.


French music for kids.

GORGEOUS holiday gift tags.

Hot Chocolate for Two DIY Gift via Sweet Paul. (scroll to next page for the recipe)

Cool Book of the Week: Two this week. Gotta make you aware of all the awesome out there so you have time to order or call the library!

‘Home for Christmas’, another Jan Brett. Oh how we love her. The Christmas trolls are where it’s at! Did you know that a troll loses its tail when it learns to be sweet and kind and helpful to others?

I just ordered ‘The Holly Pond Hill Christmas Treasury’ from the library. Susan Wheeler’s illustrations are pure Christmas magic! Cannot wait for this to arrive!!

Have a marvelous first December weekend! Are any of you getting your tree? xo


  1. There's Home for Christmas just like you said! Wonderful! The Holly Pond Christmas Tresury looks fantastic... another book to add to my list. Thanks

  2. ps I don't really get the 'faux animal head' trend either but a great friend of mine made a pretty fabulous elephant for her room of whimsy you should take a look.

    Funny stuff (kinda funny strange) but whimsical for sure.

  3. Hey Robyn!! I'll go check it out for sure, I love me some elephants! I am so excited for that Holly Hill Pond book to come in at the library.... :) ~Melissa

  4. Beautiful and inspiring. I have featured two (French) books on my blog today and the first will also be published (or is already, maybe) in The States. The illustrator is absolutely inspirational and downright dreamy. One for you and your daughter perhaps?

    Have lots of sweet fun and I am sorely tempted by the gingerbread pudding with cream in your previous post.

  5. Stephanie, you will not be disappointed with that recipe, I promise! I am always thrilled with every Nigella Lawson recipe I make. I saw that book you posted about.....lovely, lovely and more lovely! ~Melissa