December 23, 2011

Cool Stuff I Like

It’s here. Christmas is really here! I don’t feel too strung out (KEEP THOSE HOT TODDIES COMING!).  How about you? I’ve noticed though that the list of things I wanted to get done/made/cooked/seen BEFORE Christmas has now shifted to the “Let’s do that AFTER Christmas” plan.

I actually love the week between December 25 and New Year’s Eve the best. All the festive is still everywhere but the grand storm of Christmas rush has calmed and I feel like it’s the best part of the holiday swirl. Just wait until you hear how Andrew and I usually spend New Year’s – it’s hilariously dorky. I’m really hoping to spend my evenings reading my new camera manual and/or watching ‘Downton Abbey’ FINALLY. (The new season starts January 8.)

Onwards! Christmas COOL STUFF awaits!

To those who ARE feeling strung out: Anatomy of a Christmas Meltdown. A MUST READ.

I’m getting this as a birthday present to myself. (It’s next month!) Saw it on Design Sponge.

Nutella Playdough!

This is so much easier than a snowglobe. (See the first pic.)

Solstice Luminaries.

Someone needs to give this to me.

Fresh Cranberry and Tangerine Mini Loaves.

Dream Journals. (I LOVE this.)

The most winterific fairytale shiny light bedroom ever.

Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies.

A Joyful Branch. (I see no reason why this couldn’t hang all winter long.)

Just saw ‘Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas’ with Julia. OH THE CUTENESS.

Cool Book of the Week: ‘P. Bear’s New Years Party: A Counting Book’ by Paul Owen Lewis. I saw this in a used bookstore last summer. It has REALLY cool art. Each hour on New Year’s Eve, Mr. Polar Bear invites another of his animal friends to his holiday soiree – kids get to count the animals and become familiarized with the hours on a clock.

Merriest of holidays to you! Thank you so much for participating in this special season with us. I’ll be right back on Dec. 26 (CALENDARS next week!!! I don’t have my new one yet!) so come by and let me know 1) what you ate, 2) what you got, 3) what Santa gave your kiddo and 4) how many hot toddies you had (joking) (not joking).



  1. Melissa, I just about died reading that Christmas meltdown post. We're usually good for a meltdown or two around here. ;) I love your tree, by the way. Have you seen mine? I dare you not to laugh (or even snicker): My husband and I crack up whenever we look at it.

    P.S. I think Hello Kitty has taken over Target. Every time I go in there she's got something new on display. First it was a HK gumball machine. Then came the HK cupcake maker. I swear, that kitty is a marketing genius!

  2. Merry Christmas sweet Michelle!! I saw your tree, I did NOT laugh, I adore it!!! Oh guess what I saw a Hello Kitty cupcake maker at Target and I really wanted to get it oh so badly. I resisted. But it was hard. xoxo, Melissa

  3. I thought the cupcake maker looked pretty cool, too. I try not to look directly into Hello Kitty's eyes when I see her in a store. I swear she tries to use her mind powers to make me buy things!

    Thank you for your sweet words about our tree. It has certainly made for some fun memories. This mornIng I caught Master W. trying to use the red garland for a scarf. And the other day I found him whackIng away at the tree with a toy broom. :) My little guy is nut!

  4. You got it -- no direct eye contact!!! Too funny. I LOVE that your son was trying to chop your tree down! :) ~Melissa