December 30, 2011

Cool Stuff I Like

Annnnnnd. . . one more shot of the stick tree. I am flipping wild about my stick tree. I’m not taking it down, I have a new plan. In January, I’m going to hang glittery snowflakes. In February, I’m hanging pink hearts. Come spring, it’ll have Eastery neato-ness. And ONLY THEN will I finally acquiesce and put it away for the summer. And hopefully during all that time, I can avoid poking myself in the eye.

Happy New Year! What to know what we’re doing? What we always do. Watching the ‘Twilight Zone’ marathon on TV! Some years back, I got sick on New Year’s and we couldn’t go out. And we discovered this New Year’s miracle of the ‘Twilight Zone’ being on the Syfy channel. So our new tradition became staying in and making (me making) an exotic dish of some sort. One year I made Duck a l’Orange. SO HARD. That sauce took forever to reduce. This year it may be exotic from England – we might be having Welsh Rarebit, which is basically cheese sauce over toast. And watching as many episodes as we can after Julia goes to sleep.

Let’s look at the last COOL STUFF we’ll glance at in 2011:

I adore Seventeen Doors, a Swedish design blog I just discovered.

New Year’s superstitions.

Nigella’s meat pie is one of my standbys. Andrew loooooves it. Don’t skimp on the allspice.

More Nigella. (I love her.) I made her chocolate sprinkle cookies for Christmas. HEAVEN.

A line of teas I am so wanting to try.

I got ‘Everyday Harumi’ for Christmas! Yay! Homestyle Japanese food.

The best hairbrush in the world. Don’t scream at the price. They last FOREVER.

I’m already thinking next Christmas – love these napkin rings.

Cool Book of the Week: ‘Cinnamon, Spice and Warm Apple Pie’ by Ryland Peters & Small is such a cozy delight of a cookbook. So perfect for this time of year. It’s got everything – crumbles, pies, puddings, streusels, cobblers, bettys and crisps, clafoutis, slumps, tarts and strudels. Sounds like the list from my Appley Dappley post!

What are you doing for New Year’s? Going out or staying in? Have I sold you on the idea of the ‘Twilight Zone’ marathon? (I’m trying so hard to feel less nerdy.)


  1. I loooved the Twighlight Zone growing up. We used to watch the marathons whenever they came on. These days we don't have cable TV so we watch movies on New Year's Eve. One sure thing on our movie list this time around is our new Blue Ray copy of the Blues Brothers. I'm not sure what others we'll squeeze in as well. :)

    P.S. I think my eyes bugged out at the price of that hairbrush. Ha!

  2. Ha ha Michelle, I said to not scream at the price! Tee hee. I've never seen the Blues Brothers all the way through, can you believe? Happy New Yr to you sweet girl! ~Melissa

  3. We are staying in. Fire is burning, Christmas tree lights on. Slow cooked shoulder of lamb and roasts for dinner. Damson gin to finish. Not sure we will see midnight!

  4. Twilight zone marathon! I love it- what a great tradition. Your blog is such fun to read - so glad I discovered you in 2011 here's to 2012!

  5. Thank you Robyn!! I'm so happy to have met such lovely online pals :) ~Melissa

  6. You've never seen the Blues Brothers all the way through???? Girl, get thee to the computer and update your movie queue! (Erm... I'm assuming you do Netflix or Blockbuster online...) Seriously, though, the Blues Brothers is a classic. You've got a crazed Carrie Fisher, two awesomely cool brothers, lots of mayhem and plenty of music legends making cameos.