December 28, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

Andrew’s cousin is the most amazing person. So warm, so lovely, and such a delight to be around – I’ve had the best time basking in her glow ever since we met. And the crafting skills – oh my – if the world found out about the way she can sew, knit, craft, garden, and cook like nobody’s business, Martha S. would be out of a job.

I’ve mentioned her artistic skill before in this post. Last week, we were invited over with some of Andrew’s other cousins to decorate gingerbread houses that were baked and created from scratch. Every house. Made. Put together. Along with miniature sleighs, trees, and snow people.

I could live 20 lifetimes and still be unable to do half of what this fantastic lady can do with one hand tied behind her back! See the felt advent calendar right there below? Behold an example of the talent I was telling you about. Ah well, back to basking. . .

(Love this pineapple!)

We ate candies, decorated, ate more candies, had lasagna for lunch, and finished up with just a few more candies. You know, for the road. Oh and I spied some super cool books that we were able to borrow and take home for a few days. A few examples:

‘Rolie Polie Olie’ by William Joyce is a MUST READ. So charming and darling you can’t believe. RUN for this book. Kids from age 3 on up will looooove it.

‘Adele & Simon’ by Barbara McClintock is so beautiful, I simply could not understand how this book had passed my radar up until now. A tour through Paris is had by Adele and her forgetful brother Simon, who keeps dropping his belongings everywhere they go. Enchanting.

Our gingerbread creation is still proudly adorning our dining room table. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to part with it!


  1. Wow! You weren't kidding - she is very talented! I'm seriously in awe of her gingerbread house making skills. We put together one of those pre-made Wilton houses this year and it looked like a 4-year-old made it! Yes, my 4-year-old contributed but my own contributions to the house decorating were pretty pathetic. :)

    Oh, and it lasted less than 24 hours before Miss C. asked to break it apart so we could taste it. :)

  2. It's so incredible isn't it? I simply could not believe she made all those for us!! I'm really thinking I won't be able to get rid of it -- maybe encase it in bronze or something???? :)~Melissa

  3. This is absolutely wonderful! I love the trees- snowmen- reindeer... what a great addition. Beautiful post! you probably get tired of me doing this but I'm going to share my gingerbread post with you-

    kinda the same idea :)

  4. Thanks Robyn! And of course I don't mind, I'm a nosy rosy and I like to see everyone's cool stuff :) And that was VERY cool what you did! You are one of those crafty people. Sigh. I admire you. :) ~Melissa

  5. D outdid herself with the gingerbread. What a fun, creative, kid project. As to saving it, I don't think you will have to bronze it. I tried(unsuccessfully) to snag a gumdrop off it the other day. That house is built to last-the most earthquake-proof dwelling around.