December 13, 2011


One More Day to Enter our Zomsters Giveaway!

Well it’s been slowly getting Christmasy around here – our quick trip to visit grandpa in Hawaii put the teensiest dent in our holiday preparedness but it’s a dent we can TOTALLY live with! I thought you might like to see the Christmas explosion, CHEER I mean, that we’ve been putting here, there and everywhere. . .

Our thankful tree never panned out but I used the sticks to make a little stick tree in our kitchen! Remember how I was so into holiday stick trees? I made one of my own, and I looooove it. Not quite as much as my lights-in-a-jar, but it’s a close call.

Miss J loves to eat her breakfast on the heater these days. As long as it’s not oatmeal or something that can drip into the heat vent, I let her get her toasty on. It makes getting ready for school a bit extra-long because she doesn’t want to get off the heater, but what can you do. What’s the age cut-off on sippy cups by the way? We let her use them when there is a high percentage of spill probability. . . like into a heat vent.

The stars are out on the mantel at the moment, but I’m hoping to replicate the Christmas card garland I had in this spot last year – but I’m waiting for the flow of cards to appear!

We’ve got some crazy deer with flower antlers – my mother literally snatched them up and shoved them into my hands. She has such a thing for deer that now I guess we’re going to have them at our house, as well as hers!

Remember our Halloween window? It’s the Christmas version!

I don’t think this photo needs any explanation other than Gingerbread Hello Kitty = AWESOME. Sally Sparkles thinks so too because we just found her running away with it in her mouth, trying to chew it. Julia nearly passed out.

Andrew, Julia and I decorated the Calico Critter Hotel for the holidays as well. Andrew is a master snowflake cutter-outer. He’s got such great craft skills -- He’s muuuuuuch better able to wield scissors than I am, with 1000% more artistic ability!

See this creepy little dolly girl? She used to be very spiffy but she’s about 30 years old and is showing her age quite a bit. She’s from England! I looooove her and so does Julia. Creepy Victorian doll house girl is going to sit in her rocker and admire her dolly Christmas tree. By the way, we got our hands on this book from the library and it is FANTASTIC!

I got those red trees from Target a few years back and they’re kinda falling apart but we just turn that side to the wall. Julia thinks they look like volcanos.

Our Christmas tree is on our front room (I’ll show it to y’all later) so that’s why I’ve got my stick tree and jar lights and mantel biz and holiday pillow puffs all going on here. I need my Christmas up close and in my face AT ALL TIMES.

Miss J’s been a busy bee as well. She got to eat 5 days of Advent chocolate at one time because we didn’t take the calendar to Hawaii with us. All that chocolate eating made her day! She’s very proud of her holiday collage – I’ll translate her 5 year old phonetic writing: “Part of a Christmas tree”, “Door Off of Advent Calendar”, “Red” and “Green”.

And this is her Christmas tree creation made with pieces of our tree that I had to snip off from the bottom. She taped it on. Tape is her best friend these days. Actually come to think of it, tape is also my best friend.

I’m about to make some orange pomanders, but I’ve got some candle sniffery to tide me over in the meantime. This Winter candle from Linnea’s Lights is lovely and subtle. Most candles are too. . . too much, you know?

And this is the bottom of my stick tree, filled with Crabtree & Evelyn’s Noel potpourri, aka The Christmas Smell. My mom and I have been obsessed with this scent since the mid ‘80’s. If C & E ever stops production of this stuff, I might have to stop celebrating Christmas. It is DIVINE! And once you have it, you can basically keep it forever and refresh it with the Noel home fragrance oil. And you can drop the oil on your light bulbs (just a drop or two) and it scents the air! I love this scent with all of my being.

So there’s the holiday deets from our house! Oh, see the tiny candle next to the stick tree vase? Noel candle! I have 3 mini ones! I don’t even want to burn them because I don’t want to use them up. BEST SMELL IN THE WORLD! Andrew tried to tell me once that it smelled like cat pee and I nearly threw something at his head. IT DOES NOT!


  1. Love the mantle! (And the dollhouse decorations, too!)

  2. Love it all, Melissa (except the creepy victorian doll house doll - shudder!) When Julia gets a bit bigger you will have to introduce her to the Doll People stories. They are about two families of dolls that are alive in a totally not scary/scarring way and have adventures when humans aren't looking. The stories are great and the illustrations were done by Brian Selznick. My daughter LOVED them!


  3. Something around here smells like cat pee. Oh, I think it's just these candles...

  4. My husband has clearly lost his mind, pay him no mind! Shannon, ooooooh those books sound like something I must see ASAP!!! And yes, that doll is pretty nightmare-inducing at this point...:) ~Melissa

  5. And thank you Miss B! Hope the holiday biz is going swimmingly where you are! xo, Melissa

  6. Oh to be in the Jewish clan, my house is so dreary compared to yours! Very festive and fun!!

  7. Hee hee, don't you mean the non-Jewish clan? :) Do you guys not do any Christmas stuff at all? I don't know much anything about Hannukah celebrations or decor. You should try the lights in a jar, I'm telling you they will make anyone's holiday!! Instant festive! :) xo, Melissa